Samsung small signage solution provides enhanced versatility and convenient functionality


— Highly reliable, innovative solution ideally suited for businesses’ compact digital signage needs —


Samsung small signage solutionprovides
enhanced versatility andconvenient functionality


Highly reliable, innovative solution ideally suited for businesses’ compact digital signage needs


Samsung small signage solution comes in 21.5-inch and 10.1-inch sizes, enabling retail, hospitality, corporate and public businesses — particularly SMBs and SOHO owners — to offera high-quality brand experience fortheir customers.


These are perfectly sized alternatives to the A3 tabloid- and letter-sized papers that are commonly used for retail signage, bulletin boards and menu boards in the analog signage market.


Enhanced Performance Capabilities


Equipped with an internal media player and MagicInfo S2, the Samsung smallsignage solution features the second generation Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP), which is anenhanced and embedded content management software.


Powered by quad-core System-on Chip (SoC) processor technology, the second generation SSSP delivers double the processing power of the first generation SSSP — for high-speed performance, convenience and versatility.


Samsungsmallsignage solutionoffers a PC-less touch interface, andPC-less DataLink support.


An optional capacitive touch solution, available on the DB22D-T model, features a user friendly, two drawing, 10-point touch screen, providing users with a smooth touch experienceand eliminating the need for additional controllers. (Note: Touch solutionis optional withmodels DB22D-P and DB10D.)


The DB22D-T model provides end-users with a better touch solution due to dust resistance and strong durability.


Straightforward Operation


MagicInfo S2 Player, an embedded content authoring, management and media player-on chip solution, simplifies content creation and deployment.


Businesses can create personalized content from a range of pre-made templates that are applicable to various industries using a web-based authoring tool.


Optimized for rigorous business use,Samsungsmall signagesolutionoffers 16 hours of continuous operation time and up to a threeyear warranty.


Simplified Convenience


The built-in Wi-Fi module offers extended connectivity, improved control and added convenience.


- Easy mobile content uploads and instant play—from connecting between a PC, smart phone and MagicInfo server, to simplifying the work process of content setup, management and deployment.


- Businesses can effortlessly create and update promotional materials at any time, upload using a mobile device or PC, and then deploy content using the built-in Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct or USB connection.


Installation is user friendly with optional VESA-supported wall mounts that make hanging Samsung small signage simple.




Model DB22D; DB22D-P; DB22D-T; DB10D
Picture Size (Diagonal) DB22D, DB22D-P & DB22D-T: 21.5”
DB10D: 10.1”
Resolution DB22D, DB22D-P & DB22D-T: 1920x1080
DB10D: 1280x800
Picture Mode Shop & Mall
Office & School
Terminal & Station
Processor 1GHz quad-core CPU
Memory 1.5GB
Brightness (Typical) DB10D: 450 Cd/m2
DB22D & DB22D-P: 250 Cd/m2
DB22D-T: 220 Cd/m2
Power Consumption (Typical) DB10D: 18W
DB22D: 30W
DB22D-P & DB22D-T: 40W
Viewing Angle DB10D, DB22D-P & DB22D-T: 178:178
DB22: 178:170
Storage 4GB (2GB Occupied by O/S, 2 GB Available)
WiFi Built-in WiFi
Touch Technology (optional)* Cap. Type – Multi touch (10 Touch)
VESA Wall Mount 21.5”: 100 x 100mm Support
10.1”: 50 X 50mm Support
Digital Signage Solution Samsung Smart Signage with built-in
MagicInfo S2 (Template, Mobile App)
Special Hardware DB10D: Temperature Sensor, Pivot Display, Button Lock, Clock Battery(80hrs Clock Keeping), Built in Speaker(10W x 1), SD Card Slot DB22D, DB22D-P, DB22D-T*: All DB10D features plus image rotation

* Only available with the DB22D-T model