Samsung and Cisco reinvent the professional meeting space


— Samsung recognized the demand for this technology and collaborated with Cisco to develop an unparalleled response to this need. —

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Samsung and Cisco Reinvent the Professional Meeting Space

As businesses modernize the workplace, the need for collaboration between team members as well as external business partners is becoming even more crucial. Managers and employees need an advanced technology platform to share information and communicate easily and confidently while maintaining productivity.

Samsung recognized the demand for this technology and collaborated with Cisco to develop an unparalleled response to this need. With Samsung being the industry expert in visual display technologies and Cisco having the market-leading video collaboration solutions, they created a partnership that has allowed businesses to reshape how they conduct meetings regardless of their location.

Bringing Two Innovative and Leading Technology Solutions Together

Professional Displays Optimized for Corporate Settings

With UHD picture quality, Samsung's displays offer brilliantly colorful content for an enhanced video conference experience. Equipped with built-in software, the displays offer vivid graphics that increase workplace productivity. Supported by a three-layer security platform, users are assured their data will remain protected at all times. With the remote workspace connection, users are able to access content from a remote laptop or PC, eliminating the need to bring mobile devices in the meeting room.

Video Conferencing Solution for Smarter Meeting Rooms

Cisco Webex Room Kit Series are video conferencing technologies that bring more intelligence and usability to meeting rooms when combined with flat-panel displays. The Room Kit enable smarter meetings with intelligent views, dual screen options, easy screen integration and additional capabilities enabled through the cloud. It also simplifies meetings with advanced benefits including speaker tracking, wireless sharing and 4K-quality content.

Tailored Meeting Sessions with Users in Mind

The collaboration between Samsung and Cisco has revolutionized the way businesses organize meetings, whether planned or impromptu or with the internal team or external partners. The Samsung and Cisco solutions offer seamless compatibility through Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) technology that initiates when the Samsung’s SMART Signage and the Cisco Webex Room Kit connect to one another. When joined, the settings configure automatically which streamlines the operation of meetings.

Through the integration between Samsung and Cisco’s technologies, the solutions provide an impeccable video and audio experience in any video conference. While connecting with the Cisco Webex Room Kits, Samsung’s displays provide vibrant, awe-inspiring images for every meeting with 4K picture quality and under-over-scan functionalities. It also settles the lag time issue, by entering the optimized mode to minimize lag in video playback, eliminate echo and solve lip-syncing issues.

Samsung and Cisco solutions also provide businesses with customized options. Whether their meeting rooms are big or small, bright or dark, they can find the right solution for the space. With Samsung’s vast portfolio of displays ranging in size from 43" ~ 75" inches and panels offered in glare and non-glare style, businesses can choose the display that works for their area. Users also have the option of choosing the appropriate Cisco’s series for their setting, as there are two options. The Room Kit option is used for a meeting with up to seven people and the Room Kit Plus accommodates a room of up to 14 attendees.

Creating More Dynamic Conferences with Outstanding Teamwork

This combined technology from Samsung and Cisco helps to create seamless meeting experiences and removes technological challenges. With Samsung’s high-end digital displays and Cisco’s cutting-edge solutions, meeting attendees will become more interactive and involved in a customized setting. No matter who is hosting the meeting, where the meeting attendees are located or how many attendees are in a video conference, Samsung and Cisco have the right solution for any business. Experience a distinctive and exciting conference with advanced technology like no other in the marketplace today.