Motion sensor touch solution enhances the consumer experience, keeps enterprises on track


— Next-generation SMART signage solution offers an interactive experience for consumers —


At IFA 2016, Samsung is demonstrating how its display technologies can enhance the customer experience and generate new opportunities for revenue through impactful message presentation.

Among the featured solutions at its Smart Retail booth, Samsung’s Motion Sensor Touch Solution stands out with its unique benefits.

By merging Tizen embedded SMART signage and an integrated sensor, the B2B display solution can determine which item a customer is interested in and exhibit related information accordingly. It not only enables for a shopping experience tailored to the needs of each individual customer, but also provides invaluable data of consumer **XSS Keyword**, such as the number of times and how long a customer interacts with a certain product or object.

In addition to being an ideal solution for enterprises in the hospitality and travel industries, the Motion Sensor Display Solution is particularly advantageous for retail businesses, as showcased at the Smart Retail booth.

Check out the photos below to learn more about how the Motion Sensor Touch Solution works.


The Motion Sensor Touch Solution, when mounted above a SMART Signage, can detect when a customer touches a specific product. Information about the product is then exhibited on the display screen.


Customers can interact with the sensor-integrated touch screen display to learn more information about the selected product.


The Motion Sensor Touch Solution can accurately track and record the number of times a customer interacts with the product.


Enterprise owners can then access the recorded data analytics, and fine-tune their business strategy based on the **XSS Keyword** of their customers.