Kinopolis Main-Taunus gets Onyx screen by Samsung


— The Kinopolis at the Main-Taunus shopping centre near Frankfurt is opening the first theatre under the new brand name “Samsung Onyx” in Germany —


The Kinopolis at the Main-Taunus shopping centre near Frankfurt is opening the first theatre under the new brand name “Samsung Onyx” in Germany

KINOPOLIS MAIN-TAUNUS is opening a new cinema hall in cooperation with Samsung under the new brand name of Samsung Onyx. Following openings in Asia, USA and Switzerland, Samsung successfully equipped the second movie theatre in Germany with an LED screen within two months.

"We are excited that we have been able to open the second LED cinema auditorium within two months. Further movie theatres throughout Europe will be equipped with our cinema solution by the end of the year", says Martin Gross, Head of Product Marketing Display Solutions at Samsung Electronics GmbH. "The installation at the KINOPOLIS MAIN-TAUNUS is special for us given the direct vicinity of our German headquarter – for us a perfect location for the new Onyx cinema."

Cinema LED is now called Samsung Onyx in Germany

With the new installation at the Main Taunus Centre, Samsung is also opening the first German cinema auditorium under the brand name of Samsung Onyx in cooperation with KINOPOLIS. But not only the name has changed in this futuristic cinema. It is all about the picture itself: with Onyx, black is really black, completely free of annoying reflections. At the other end of the scale, the LED screen shines in pure white and with a luminance of up to 146 fL (footlambert) or 500 nit, meaning ten times brighter than most cinema projectors. The HDR picture of the cinema LED screen is composed of 26 million light-emitting diodes that add up to just under 9 million pixels and all shine independently. This equals a 4K resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels in an area of 10.3 by 5.4 meters. The colour spectrum is based on the DCI colour space – the standard for big screen productions and Hollywood blockbusters. The Samsung Onyx cinema solution is certified under the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) standard. This corresponds to the best 4K resolution available.

Sound courtesy of JBL by HARMAN

Not only the picture quality of Onyx is astonishing, the sound technology is also remarkable. A fabulous sound experience is provided by the audio specialists from HARMAN, who specifically adapted their technology to Onyx: The innovative speaker installation is based on reflection principles and ensures that the hard surface of the LED screen will reflect the speaker sound back into the hall to a precisely calculated extent. In concert with JBL's ‘Sculpted Surround’ system, this helps to achieve a clear and natural ambient sound that is evenly distributed in the auditorium. No matter where the viewer is seated – his or her sound experience may be adjusted in detail. The seamless installation of the LED screen and audio components was performed by the system integrator CinemaNext.

"Starting today, Hesse's first multiplex cinema has another amazing technical feature to offer in addition to Dolby Atmos and D-Box: The first Samsung Onyx in the entire Rhein-Main region. We are delighted to offer this brilliant picture quality to our guests at the KINOPOLIS MAIN-TAUNUS with the Samsung Onyx Screen", says Dr. Gregory Theile, the manager of KINOPOLIS. "Innovative projects like this can only be achieved with a partner like Samsung, and we are delighted to have joined with Samsung to bring this cinema vision to Hessen."