German premiere for the cinema of the future


— First cinema with Samsung Cinema LED Screen opens in Esslingen —

 German Premiere for the Cinema of the Future

  • • The Traumpalast in Esslingen is Germany's first cinema with Samsung Cinema LED Screen

  • • Digital revolution in the cinema auditorium: Films in 4K quality and virtually infinite contrast thanks to HDR

  • • Ten times brighter: The Cinema LED Screen opens up flexible application options for cinema operators

Schwalbach/Ts. – 04 July 2018 – The Samsung cinema sensation of the year is not a new blockbuster, but a technological revolution in the auditorium: After successful premieres in Asia, the USA and Switzerland, Samsung is now also bringing the Cinema LED Screen to Germany. The pioneer in the German cinema landscape is the Traumpalast in Esslingen near Stuttgart. This is where Samsung's Cinema LED Screen is celebrating its German premiere today. Thanks to the LED technology, cinema audiences can henceforth look forward to a fascinating and true-to-life visual experience with pin sharp, luminous pictures here.

The Samsung Cinema LED Screen is coming to the cinemas of the world: Just this last May, the screen premiered in Zurich. The first cinema auditoriums with LED technology have opened in the USA and China, too. And from 4 July 2018, German cineastes will also be able to enjoy the new technology. Germany's first Cinema LED Screen at the Traumpalast in Esslingen will initially only be presented to the press and industry participants, with the general public able to experience it from July 5.

"The cinema as it was so far has been projection-based since 1895. Digitalization then followed around the turn of the millennium, ever since when the technology has largely remained constant", says Martin Gross, Head of Product Marketing Display Solutions at Samsung Electronics GmbH. "Cinema operators also need to respond to the additional offers in the home entertainment environment. Because besides the technological revolution, this is also about economic aspects. Today's concepts need to take this into account to actively shape the transition in the industry. The Cinema LED Screen has the potential to conquer the market. It creates a cinema experience in convincing picture quality for the audience and therewith also new perspectives for the operators."

A cinema experience to dream of – a black night is black

The picture of the Cinema LED Screen is composed of 26 million light-emitting diodes that add up to just under 9 million pixels and all emit light themselves. This corresponds to a 4K resolution of 4.096 x 2.160 pixels in a 10.3 x 5.4-meter area. Contents in the customary cinema formats of 'flat' and 'scope' can both be displayed. The Cinema LED Screen is ten times brighter than most cinema projectors and reaches a luminosity of up to 146 fL (Foot Lambert) and/or 500 nits. But black is also black on the LED wall. Cinema LED stands for the pinpoint display of "true black", without reflections, as the cinema audience is meant to immerse itself in the movie without distractions. "Clear white and deep black are the framework for a perfect picture for us. In between, and thus just as essential for true-to-life reproduction, is a broad color spectrum", explains Martin Gross. With Cinema LED, this spectrum is based on the DCI color space, the standard for cinema productions and Hollywood blockbusters. This is the first LED wall to be certified under the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) standard1. The color precision and color reproduction in the cinema are therewith 100 % precise with us, regardless of the brightness. HDR and the expanded color space allow us to render an unbelievable number of details visible in a picture.

Flexibility for cinema operators

As the Cinema LED Screen makes projector installations unnecessary, large projector rooms will no longer be required in the future. The screen enables the construction of steeper seating rows and thus creates space for additional cinema seats. The full digitalization of the cinema by the Cinema LED Screen also expands the playing field for cinema operators. "The growing popularity of streaming services and continuous improvement of home technologies confront cinema operators with a new competition. We want to offer our audiences the best possible cinema experience and can open up a completely new experiential dimension with the installation of the Cinema LED Screen", says Heinz Lochmann, owner & operator of the Traumpalast. The Cinema LED Screen will also maintain its impressive picture quality in a lit auditorium and render all contents clearly recognizable. The Samsung Cinema LED Screen is thus well-equipped for secondary uses, which are becoming ever more important for cinema operators. Cinema auditoriums could for example also be used for company events, presentations or gaming events. Particularly useful for this: The Cinema LED Screen is designed for 24/7 operation. Samsung banks on strong partnerships in the implementation. Harald Bergbauer, Managing Director at Kinoton Digital Solutions GmbH, is also delighted to be involved with the cinema of the future project: "The cinema LED installation at the Traumpalast in Esslingen was an exciting and also pioneering project for the cinema industry. Together with Samsung Electronics and the Lochmann cinema chain, we are actively helping to write cinema history in Germany."

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1 Digital Cinema Initiatives