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Work smart, stay connected

More of us than ever are working at home. For some, this may be temporary but for many, this will evolve into a new normal. Although the change is initially a disruption, remote working can offer many benefits - for individuals, and businesses too. With the right technology in place, you can work from home comfortably and productively. Samsung display solutions can help you create an ideal workspace so that you can work efficiently - wherever you are.

  • Suitable home workspace
  • Agile and flexible team

Samsung-Suitable home workspace/Sasmsung-Agile and flexible team Samsung-Suitable home workspace/Sasmsung-Agile and flexible team

Agile and flexible team

The key to effective remote working

  • Work from home
  • Meet From Anywhere

Embrace increased productivity at home

Workers spend 54 minutes commuting each day on average, according to the U.S. Census Bureau*. By working from home, workers can reclaim 225 hours a year. Remote workers can invest this new free time - and extra energy - into both work and leisure.
* Source: 2014-2018 American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates

Samsung-embrace increased productivity at home Samsung-embrace increased productivity at home

Work smarter with a Samsung monitor

Even with home comforts and convenience, remote workers do report higher levels of stress and can struggle to find a work-life balance. So, when you are working from home, you need to make the environment work for you. Samsung monitors provide smart options to help you boost your productivity and regain a healthy balance between work and life.

  • Samsung-all-day eye comfort

    Multi-tasking made simple

  • Samsung-multi-tasking made simple

    Better video conferencing, built-in

  • Samsung-keep your desk clear

    Smart features at your fingertips

The best Samsung monitors for your home office

  • Sharpen your focus in 4K

    Sharpen your focus in 4K
    Enhance work and play with an Ultra HD monitor. View documents and webpages with less scrolling, split your screen and work with multiple windows more comfortably – all while enjoying more detail in your photos, videos and games.
  • Connect conveniently on video

    Connect conveniently on video
    With a built-in webcam, microphone and speaker, the S40VA series offers maximum convenience. Join a video conference or attend a virtual event – all without the need to connect any external device and enjoy a clean, simple and efficient experience.
  • Work and play without a PC

    Work and play without a PC
    Create a PC-less working environment at home through Remote Access and Office 365. Effortlessly access content on a mobile device with versatile connectivity including AirPlay and simplify your chill time with built-in entertainment apps.

Featured products

Samsung UHD curved monitor-S80PB Series
S80PB Series

ViewFinity, a new benchmark for high resolution

Samsung UHD curved monitor-S40VA series
S40VA Series

Built-in webcam, mic and speaker

Samsung UHD M80B Series
M80B Series

UHD Smart Monitor - Watch, play, live in style

Samsung UHD M80B Series
M70B Series

UHD Smart Monitor - Watch, play, live in style

The power of video conferencing

Thanks to technology, we can easily communicate with each other across the world. For businesses, video conferencing can capture the benefits of face-to-face communication and helps boost performance, productivity and collaboration.

Maximize performance, Improve productivity, Enable effective collaboration Maximize performance, Improve productivity, Enable effective collaboration

Transform video conferencing with Samsung Smart Signage

Samsung Smart 4K signage creates effective and beautiful meeting experiences - no complex setup or technical knowledge needed. With best-in-class video conferencing, collaboration options, and a diverse range of solutions - from standalone signage to the Flip - Samsung enables the future of work.

  • Optimal Viewing Experience image

    Optimal viewing experience

  • Various Lineup image

    Various lineup

  • Intelligent Video Conferencing image

    Intelligent video conferencing

Video conference solutions to improve collaboration

  • Cisco Webex Solution
    Unite Samsung’s powerful display technology and Cisco’s advanced meeting solution to improve the accessibility and quality of your meetings. Webex on Display has customizable options for any meeting room, regardless of size and brightness.

    Webex on Display image

  • Logitech Solution
    Logitech’s versatile video conferencing platform pairs seamlessly with Samsung’s comprehensive display lineup, creating an intuitive meeting solution perfect for any business environment – also compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

    Webex on Flip image

Featured products

QMB Series
QMB Series

UHD 4K display delivers innovation and effiency with stunning design

QBB Series
QBB Series

UHD 4K display delivers innovation and effiency with stunning design

 Flip 3 (WMA)
Flip 3 (WMA)

Introducing the modern era of education with interactive learning experiences

Flip Pro (WMB)
Flip Pro (WMB)

Deliver a new, advanced level of learning for the future of education