Smart Signage TV

Smart Signage TV

TV for Your Store

Everything You Need in One Box

A Powerful All-in-One Display Solution for SOHO

Simplify your life with Samsung’s All-in-One Business Solution. SMART Signage TVs come
pre-packaged with everything you’ll need for installation and operation. No time-consuming setup.
No hidden costs for outside installation experts. Just simple, intuitive technology.

SMART Signage TV

TV tuner embedded + Stand

Content Management Software

MagicInfo Express

Samsung SMART Signage TV

What is SMART Signage TV?

TV + Digital Signage in One Display

Get the best of both worlds. SMART Signage TV combines all the capabilities of professional digital signage with the entertainment value of an FHD TV.
Entertain your customers with TV content, promote your business with vivid advertising or combine both TV
and signage simultaneously to capture and monetize your customers’ attention.


  • TV tuner embedded
  • 3 years Warranty
  • 2 X operating hours
    of standard TV
  • Wall mount kit
    and stand
  • Mobile application
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • TV tuner embedded
  • 3 years Warranty
  • 2 X operating hours
    of standard TV

Powerful Performance for your Business

Present video and live TV at the same time in both landscape and portrait modes

Smart Signage TV offers businesses the flexibility to create content that meets their needs. Professional templates make it easy to showcase a variety of different media types in both landscape and portrait mode. With an embedded media player, a quad-core processor and 2GB of internal storage, Smart Signage TV is a powerful all-in-one display for your digital promotion.

Embedded media player
SMART Signage TV delivers plug-and-play functionality for a wide range of media, including user-created promotional content.
Quad-core processor
The quad-core processor ensures HD video content will load quickly and play smoothly, enabling you to play two video streams simultaneously (including live TV).
2GB internal storage
With a 2GB internal hard drive, Smart Signage TV can store over 700 high-resolution images or dozens of video clips, eliminating the need for an external hard drive.
MagicInfo Express 2 Software

Convenient Advertising Tools for Your Business

MagicInfo Express: Free Signage Content Creation Software

Intuitive content creation software makes it easy to design and launch your own promotional campaigns. With the click of a few buttons on mobile device
or desktop, you can quickly load, update, edit and deploy your promotional content using your Wi-Fi network or USB.
The software’s versatility and easy-of use was recently recognized as a finalist in the IDEA design awards 2015.
This International Design Excellence Awards(IDEA) is regarded as one of the most important design competitions worldwide.

MagicInfo Express Software

Manage Your Promotional Content Anytime

Versatile Content Creation for Any Business Environment

An intuitive user interface makes content creation fast and easy

MagicInfo Express software provides easy-to-use tools to create, edit, schedule and deploy your custom content on the Samsung SMART Signage TV.
The simplicity of the software’s layout selection interface enables you to quickly design and launch a range of content,
including menu boards, live TV, slideshows, promotions and informational messages. This solution also comes with an extensive library
of more than 200 templates, editable stickers and widgets for added convenience.

1. Start

QUICK START walks you through the design process using professional templates and an intuitive design wizard interface. This is the simplest way to create content, so it is ideal for new users or people who do not have design experience.

2. Choose your template

Templates are categorized by application—such as Menu Board, Slideshow, or Promotion—so you can choose the optimal layout for your purposes.

3. Add media

Select one or more image/video files you want to add to your template.

4. Shuffle layout

Press the SHUFFLE button to try out your media in different layouts. Once you’ve found one that you like, go ahead and modify the text.

5. Use stickers

Use our pre-designed stickers to highlight and enhance your in-store promotional content.

6. Schedule your content

Just drag and drop the content into the timetable, then change the start/stop time by dragging the time bar.

7. Deploy your content

Select the signage display on which you would like to play your new content. Once you’ve scheduled the content, it can be played on your display.

Customer Testimonials

  • play vedio
    Smart Signage TV Video Case Study: Shinto Restaurantg

    Antonelle Di Stefano / Shinto Sushi Restaurantg

    “SSTV is a powerful and versatile product that enables you to update its content in real-time.”

  • play vedio
    Heaven Sent Desserts Uses Samsung's SMART Signage TV (SSTV)

    Lachlan Oliver / Heaven Sent Desserts

    “People eat with their eyes first, so...SMART Signage TV will help us 10 fold to get our message across multiple layers.”

  • play vedio
    Samsung SMART SIGNAGE TV Caffè Vergnano

    Maria Garrone / Caffè Vergnano

    “Samsung Smart Signage TV has completed Caffe Vergnano's tradition with its technology.”

Case Study

MagicInfo Express Tutorial

MagicInfo Express Software

  • PC version
    window version EX 2.0 mac version EX 2.0
  • Mobile Application
    Application for Android Application for iOS

Quick Set up Guide

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