Reaching 85 countries and serving more than 3900 hotels, GuestTek is a global leader in broadband technology and interactive solutions for the hospitality industry. Since 1996, GuestTek has partnered with hotels to maximize property offerings, enhancing brand image and helping to generate more revenue. Whether it’s an individual property, franchised or corporate location, GuestTek customizes its solutions to match each property’s requirement and delivers on the technology needs of today’s guests.

The OneView™ platform gives guests the ultimate in-room experience. With converged HSIA, Video, Data, Voice and mobile applications like myAway and myMedia, OneView™ seamlessly integrates with guests’ personal electronic devices. By offering a custom interface, GuestTek brings hotel branding to every room, reinforcing a property’s services and amenities every time a guest turns on the TV or logs into their device. Because OneView is built in house, it offers a flexibility that resellers simply cannot match. GuestTek’s Research & Development teams continually develop new features in response to client or market demands. By consistently providing state-of-the-art-technology, OneView™ is designed to grow and evolve.

GuestTek has experienced significant worldwide growth with the 2014 acquisition of iBAHN & TelNet and the creation in 2015 of its subsidiary, Event Conference Services (ECS). GuestTek continues to seek opportunities that expand capacity to serve more global clients and offer the best in hospitality technology. GuestTek’s continuous commitment to its clients has led the company to align itself with leading global providers of satellite and cable television to deliver better offerings to guests.