With over 30 years of digital media experience under our belt, we provide all sorts of businesses with advanced, yet easy-to-use software which simplifies digital signage management and makes content creation a breeze.

We’re proud to be partnered with Samsung and firmly committed to their smart signage platform (SSSP). Everyone benefits from the removal of black boxes, PCs, signal distribution boxes, and cables. Since we converted from using PCs in 2014, we have literally saved ourselves, our customers, and the environment tons of needless hardware and several miles of cables.

We share Samsung’s values of simplicity and continuously striving to push the boundaries of innovation. Our digital signage software, DatabeatOMNI, empowers our customers to create, publish, and manage in real-time, captivating content across multiple digital displays – without the need for costly external experts.

Visit our website to learn more about how your organisation will benefit from Samsung Smart Signage powered by DatabeatOMNI – the all-in-one screen publishing platform.