32” UHD professional monitor with color accuracy and ultimate picture quality.

  • Stunningly realistic UHD resolution (3840*2160)
  • Color accuracy through pre-calibration, 99.5% Adobe RGB and true 10-bit input
  • Powerful multi-tasking functions with Dual-color mode, PBP and PIP
  • Ergonomic design and improved connectivity


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Unparalleled color accuracy achieved through meticulous
factory calibration

Samsung’s professional UD970 monitor is meticulously and individually calibrated right at the factory, ensuring uniform color across the whole screen, and precise grayscale color gradation that is so much smoother than monitors that only undergo a simple software calibration. And with an embedded calibration chipset developed exclusively by Samsung and a 16-bit look-up table (LUT), you get more accurate colors across the entire screen, taking color precision above and beyond other advanced monitors.

Incredibly uniform color presentation across the entire screen

Every UD970 is individually calibrated for uniformity correction by splitting the display into 25 sections, and then adjusting the brightness of individual sections uniformly with the calibrator. This results in center and peripheral areas that maintain an amazing calibration accuracy of △E<3. Samsung’s advanced hardware calibration chipset and precise tuning brings the uniformity up from 75% to 90%, delivering near-perfect uniformity values across the entire screen.

Color details and clarity in every shade of gray

From the purest whites to the deepest blacks, the grayscale of the UD970 has been finely divided into 256 levels. Then, with an accuracy of △E<1, the UD970 is carefully and precisely calibrated from level to level using Gamma Curve and Gray Scale Correction. This ensures color clarity in even the finest shade of gray, so you get lifelike pictures with just the right amount of light, shade and color to express every detail.

White balance correction produces accurate
and stunning images

Creating true-to-life images also depends on being able to fine-tune the color temperature. Thanks to White Balance Correction and built-in calibration technology with an accuracy of △E<1, the UD970 knows the exact white balance needed and expertly corrects the temperature. It makes adjustments within a range of 4,000K to 10,000K degrees, finely tuning the color temperature in precisely measured increments of 100K, giving you perfect white balance with the rich colors and vivid clarity your work demands

Vibrant colors with near-perfect Adobe RGB coverage
and true 10-bit input

Samsung-developed BLU technology supports 99% of the Adobe RGB color space, based on the CIE 1931 standard. With almost full coverage of the RGB spectrum, you get incredibly accurate color with minimized color disparity when printing, meaning the colors you see on the screen will be practically identical to the ones actually printed. And using the 10-bit supported panel, 10-bit input signals are transmitted and processed through a 16-bit LUT, enabling an amazing 1.07 billion colors to be represented.

Easy-to-use color management software for your custom needs

The precise, factory-tuned colors delivered by the UD970 are just the beginning of an incredibly professional experience. You can also adjust color modes and profiles to suit your specifications with easy-to-use, self-calibration software called Natural Color Expert. Using the software wizard, you can easily make adjustments to bring out the precise colors that true professionals need.

Gorgeous design and stunningly efficient ergonomics
for the perfectly professional choice

• From display to design, the UD970 provides the most sophisticated viewing experience available. With a matte black finish and metallic silver back, it will give your office the distinguished, luxurious, and professional look it deserves.
• The UD970 boasts advanced ergonomics designed to maximize your productivity. With Samsung’s unique HAS design, you can conveniently adjust the monitor height by 130mm. It also pivots, swivels, and tilts, and provides full support for Auto OSD Rotation.

Experience ultimate details and the widest viewing angles

The UD970 delivers best-in-class picture quality with 4X the resolution of FHD and the widest viewing angles.

• With a UHD resolution of 3840*2160, you get 4 times more pixels than Full HD displays, resulting in lifelike details and the ultimate picture quality. And the extremely high resolution of UHD helps professionals reduce unnecessary zooming and scrolling.
• Samsung’s Pane-to-Line Switching (PLS) Panel delivers a 178° wide viewing angle horizontally and vertically for optimal viewing experience from any angle.

A wide range of connectivity options

The UD970 comes with a wide range of connectivity options, including 2 DP 1.2 ports, a mini DP to DP gender, 1 HDMI port, and a total of 5 USB ports. That wide range of connectivity lets you view 4 different Full HD resolution images from up to 4 different sources on your screen simultaneously, giving your greater flexibility and better productivity.

A range of preset color modes to suit various professional needs

A total of 8 different factory preset color modes, along with 3 color modes that can be conveniently self-calibrated by the user, are supported to meet the demands of any professional project.

• Adobe RGB: Color mode for printing and publishing industries that eliminates loss of colors in green and blue ranges
• sRGB: Standard color presentation of monitor and printer, for typical PC users
• High-Brightness: Maximizes brightness, for gaming and bright room environments
• EBU, BT.709, SMPTE-C : Standard color space for European Broadcasting Union, HD TV broadcast, Analog (SD) TV broadcast
• Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI): Consistent and repeatable standards for obtaining color image quality
• Digital Image Communication in Medicine (DICOM): Medical digital imaging and communications standards

Two different single-color modes on one screen

The generous size and ultra-high resolution means you can split the screen and still enjoy crisp, vivid images.

• Dual Color Mode: This mode lets you use two of the 8 different preset color modes simultaneously on the same screen so you can compare the same image in
different color modes with ease.
• Quad Windows PBP & Dual Windows PBP: With Picture-by-Picture, you can split the screen in half or into 4 FHD windows. Thanks to the stunning UHD resolution you don’t lose out on any of the glorious picture quality.


  • Screen Size32"
  • Flat / CurvedFlat
  • Resolution3840x2160
  • Response Time8(GTG) ms
  • Aspect Ratio16:9
  • Viewing Angle (H/V)178°/178°
  • Panel TypePLS(Plane to Line Swtiching) type
  • Color Support1B(True 10bit)
  • Brightness (Typical)350cd/m2(High-Brightness mode)
  • Brightness (Min)280cd/m2
  • Peak Luminance Ratio84%
  • Refresh Rate60Hz
  • Contrast Ratio Static1000:1


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