CF59 Series C27F591

27" stylish advanced curved monitor for deeply immersive viewing experience

  • More immersive, comfortable viewing experience with 1,800R curvature
  • Richer, more vibrant colors supporting approximately sRGB 119%
  • Enhanced gaming experience with AMD Freesync and Game mode
  • Darker blacks and minimized light leakage thanks to VA panel
  • Stylish modern design with white, spheral back-side beauty
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The deepest screen curve for the most deeply immersive viewing experience

Discover a truly immersive viewing experience with the Samsung monitor curved more deeply than any other.
Wrapping around your field of vision like your local iMax theater screen, the 1800R screen — with its 1800mm radius of arc for greater curvature — creates a wider field of view, enhances depth perception, and minimizes peripheral distractions to draw you deeper in to your content. So whether it is an online movie, a favourite TV show, or a pulse-racing game, Samsung’s deeper screen curve will fully immerse you in all your multi-media content.

Deeper screen curve for greater viewing comfort

• The deeper curvature of Samsung’s 1800R screen matches the human eye’s natural field of view more closely than other monitors and allows your eyes to track across the entire screen without shifting focus for a more comfortable viewing experience.

• In clinical tests conducted by Seoul National University Hospital Department of Ophthalmology, this resulted in reduced eye strain in users compared to viewing a flat screen.

Simply stunning image quality that brings your content to life

• Richer, more vibrant colors: Samsung’s Active Crystal Color technology supports a wider range of colors than its standard monitors for richer, more vibrant colors and stunningly vivid picture quality.

• Best-in-class 3000:1 contrast ratio: Samsung’s advanced VA panel technology and 3000:1 contrast ratio deliver deeper blacks and brilliant whites that let you see clearly in even the darkest and brightest scenes.

Perfectly smooth gameplay with AMD FreeSync

• AMD FreeSync: By dynamically synching screen refresh rate with image frame rate, AMD FreeSync minimizes stutter and ensures flawlessly smooth gameplay.

• Game Mode: Instantly optimizing screen colors and contrast for gaming, Game Mode ensures you get to see game scenes at their best.

• 4ms Response Time: The rapid 4ms video response time renders even the fastest on-screen movement with minimal blur, judder, and ghosting, letting you keep up with all the action.

Sculpted curvature front and rear for a stylish, modern design

• Sculpted front and rear panel curves: Sculpted front and rear panel curves combine with a metallic silver and glossy white finish in a stylish, modern design.

• Boundless design: The 3-sided boundless screen design enhances the display’s visual appeal and draws your eyes deep into its curve

• Circular stand: The simple circular stand blends form and function to provide stable support with understated elegance.

Uniquely contemporary styling with curved casing and high-gloss finish

With its high-gloss white finish and rear casing curving in all directions to embrace the screen, the uniquely contemporary design complements any space.

Samsung's advanced VA panel for minimized light leakage and deeper, more uniform blacks

The vertically aligned liquid crystals in Samsung’s VA panels block backlighting more effectively than IPS panels as the screen curves to minimize light leakage and deliver deeper, more uniform blacks from edge to edge.

Built-in speakers and multiple ports for all your entertainment needs

• Built-in dual stereo speakers: Dual 5-watt speakers embedded into the display let you enjoy movies, games, and online content without cluttering your desktop with auxiliary speakers or cables.

• Triple connection interface: HDMI, DP, and D-sub ports provide a multiple high-performance connection interface that lets you hook up PCs, game consoles, additional monitors, and other devices with ease.

Easy on the eyes for a more comfortable viewing experience

• Eye Saver Mode: By reducing blue light emissions — which stimulate the retina more than other colors — Eye Saver Mode reduces eye fatigue and provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

• Flicker Free: Samsung’s Flicker Free technology minimizes distracting screen flicker to let you work and play for longer in greater comfort.


  • Screen Size27"
  • Dynamic Contrast RatioMega ∞ DCR
  • Flat / CurvedCurved
  • Resolution1920x1080
  • Screen Curvature1800R
  • Response Time4(GtG) ms
  • Aspect Ratio16:9
  • Viewing Angle (H/V)178°/178°
  • Panel TypeVA
  • Color Support16.7M
  • Brightness (Typical)250cd/m2
  • sRGB Coverage119.30%
  • Brightness (Min)200cd/m2
  • Peak Luminance Ratio1.0
  • Refresh Rate60Hz
  • Contrast Ratio Static3000:01:00


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