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[The Wall] See the Greatness - The Next Generation Display Technology

The Wall

for Business


Pushing the Boundaries of Visual Innovation

In an increasingly competitive environment, unique is hard to come by. Until now. The Wall ensures an immersive and exclusive experience, delivering memorable content and illuminating the value of any business in profound ways. Pushing the boundaries of visual innovation. Class without compromise.

Boundless Visuals

Rooted in the strengths of perfect blacks, pure colors and HDR technology, The Wall brings visuals to life like no other display.

Perfect Black

Black in its core and on the surface, The Wall unites a fundamentally black base with a unique Black Seal technology to ensure the deepest blacks for an even deeper contrast

Pure Colors

Composed of color enhancing LED chips with two times superior color purity than conventional LEDs, The Wall produces vibrant-yet-natural colors for the most captivating and real visual experience.

HDR Technology

An industry-leading picture quality engine, with LED HDR and HDR10+ support for adaptive scene-by-scene picture refinement, powers The Wall to render optimum brightness and accurate grayscale expression for crystal-clear presentation.

Boundless Form

Modularity provides the creative flexibility to customize The Wall to a variety of sizes and shapes fit to each unique environment’s spatial and aesthetic needs.

Modular Creativity1 Modular Creativity1
Modular Creativity2 Modular Creativity2
Modular Creativity3 Modular Creativity3

Boundless Solution

Total Solution

The Wall’s total solution offering, with the capability to conveniently manage both content and device from a physically remote location, consummates boundless possibilities, efficiently.

Total Solution Total Solution

Lasting Performance

High tolerance to external impact through the Black Seal technology allows The Wall to maintain reliable performance and boundless quality.

Lasting Performance Lasting Performance

Boundless Applications

Sophisticated on the inside and out, The Wall’s seamless, flush surface makes it a visual complement for any business environment.

Corporate Meeting Room

Corporate Meeting Room

Luxury Residence

Hotel Lobby

Stadium VIP Suite

Stadium VIP Suite

Luxuary Brand Store

Luxury Brand Store

Gallery & Muesum

Gallery & Museum

The Wall & Steinway Lyngdorf

Extraordinary greatness is the outcome of successful concert between world-class innovators. Samsung and Steinway Lyngdorf, two leaders in their respective fields of display and audio, have come together to deliver a next generation audiovisual experience unlike any other. With The Wall, a state-of-the-art microLED display, and Model B, an exquisitely refined audio system, face the greatness of a true collaborative masterpiece.

The Wall & Steinway Lyngdorf The Wall & Steinway Lyngdorf

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Please leave us a message and our staff will help you take that first step in discovering the power of The Wall.*The Wall will be available for sale in the 4th quarter of this year. (Based on U.S . May vary by region)

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