The Wall All-in-One

The Wall All-in-One rotates to the left to reveal its screen showing a video of a galaxy with a bright light source in the distance. Zooming into the video, sparkling light appears as the video continues to zoom towards the light with the words “Adopt a new paradigm for your business” appearing. The video zooms out with The Wall All-in-One appearing back in the frame now mounted to a wall inside a conference room with a table and chairs.

with no

Awe-inspiring visuals unlike any other


Pre-assembled Installation

Auto configuration setup

Time-consuming configuration between control box and cabinet is no longer needed. The Wall All-in-One integrates the control box so it's built-into the display, eliminating a cumbersome configuration process to get the display up and running faster.

The Wall All-in-One is shown mounted on a wall connected to a control box by several tangled wires. The control box sitting on a large media cabinet is highlighted, then disappears.

No complex configurations,
no extra peripherals.

Critical decisions
without complexity

The Wall All-in-One offers only two sizes and two resolutions, removing complex elements typically associated with purchasing a large LED display, such as pixel pitch or size configuration.
Now, purchasing can be decided based on just two factors - resolution and size - without complications.

Three models of The Wall are shown including a 146-inch 2K Full HD model, a 146" 4K Ultra HD model and a 110-inch 2K Full HD model. All three show the same abstract line-drawn image on their screens.

No extra peripherals needed

The Wall All-in-One includes everything you need to begin operations - from the control box and wall brackets to speakers and deco bezels.
No additional purchases or components are required, allowing you to focus on getting your display up and running fast.

  • Décor Bezel

  • Built-in Control Box

  • Wall Bracket

  • Built-in Speakers

  • Décor Bezel


Ready to adopt a new paradigm for your meeting room?

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The Wall All-in-One hangs on a wall in a business conference room. A long path surrounded by lights is shown on the screen.