Outdoor XPE080

P8 / outdoor / standard class / full-front custom cabinet

  • Industry-leading image quality
  • Proactive expert support
  • Superior reliability

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Superior Image Quality

Samsung’s XPE Series LED Signage delivers excellent image quality that captures audience eyes even in challenging environments. Through advanced video processing technologies, the displays produce an ultra-high 49,920 Hz. 1) refresh rate that streams videos without interruption. The XPE Series also is equipped to deter light interference, and produce bright (7,500 nit) 2) images regardless of conditions

1) 2) Refer to specifi cations for details as refresh rate and brightness can differ by models.

Specialized Color Tuning

Samsung’s two-step calibration process delivers accurate and consistent color quality. First, display experts close color distortion gaps by tuning pixels to the lowest possible brightness level. Next, each pixel undergoes LED voltage adjustment that creates perfect color uniformity as brightness settings increase. By achieving the correct color tones, this thorough calibration process produces high-quality imagery with optimal color integrity.

End-to-end Project Management

During each installation, Samsung establishes a centralized customer support center that remedies and prevents common LED performance challenges. A dedicated expert answers questions and ensures optimal performance throughout the planning, consulting, designing and producing, shipping, installing and maintenance stages. This proactive, involved approach not only saves customers time and money, but alleviates problems quickly and effortlessly.

Proactive Error Resolution

To further this end-to-end project management, each XPE Series signage easily identifies common LED performance problems. A two-way monitoring system notifies Samsung’s Network Operating Center (NOC) of potential “display off” errors, color and temperature discrepancies, and LED dot errors. Once received, the NOC team proactively notifies and works with customers to address such issues and ensure seamless content delivery.

Superior Reliability

Each XPE Series signage undergoes rigorous environmental testing to ensure uninterrupted performance. C3 Contamination and Ionograph testing deters circuit contamination and extends shelf-life. Complementary Climate and Humidity and Salt Fog Chamber exposure additionally ensures performance in variable weather conditions and wet and corrosive elements. This enhanced durability gives customers peace of mind, and prevents frustrating and expensive maintenance.

Physical Parameter

  • Pixel Pitch8.255mm
  • Pixel Configuration1 red, 1 green, 1 blue
  • Pixel Density14,675 m² / 1,363 ft²
  • Cabinet Configuration (WxH)32x16 pixels
  • Diode TypeSurface Mount Device (SMD)
  • Diode Density44,025 m² / 4,089 ft²
  • Dimensions (LxH) 264x297 mm
  • Weight 1kg
  • Cabinet ConstructionAll aluminum construction


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