Onyx (Cinema LED)IC025H

P2.5 Cinema LED that redefines the movie theater experience

Key Highlights

  • LED  SignageLED Signage
  • IndoorIndoor
  • Modular type (Cabinet unit)Modular type (Cabinet unit)
  • 2.5 Pixel pitch2.5 Pixel pitch
  • Customizable DesignCustomizable Design
  • High BrightnessHigh Brightness
  • True black color presentation
  • HDR content support
  • Unparalleled 3D depth
  • Expanded sweet spot
  • Powerful JBL speakers

Experience the Cinema of the Future!

The next generation of the cinema is now. Step in to the future display fo Cinema.


The Theater of The Future Premieres

Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen fosters a premium viewing environment and repositions the theater as an entertainment destination. As the first theater-ready LED display, it's High brightness, accurate color presentation and uniformity enhance immersion and bring content to life.

Improve Precision with Ultra Contrast

The Onyx screen’s Ultra Contrast improves perceptual resolution and delivers onscreen content with precise, true black colors. An infinite contrast ratio further maintains authentic low-tone grayscale effects and deters the distorted hues common in standard cinemas.

Deliver Brilliant HDR Content

By introducing High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement technology to the theater, the Samsung Onyx screen elevates content to brightness levels nearly greater than the accepted, legacy cinema standard. This improved brilliance produces a sharper and more detail-rich presentation.

Align Brightness and Color Accuracy

Through a fully-aligned picture, the Samsung Onyx screen prevents theater operators from having to choose between brightness and color quality. The display achieves this optimal balance by maintaining perfect color accuracy for a range of hues even at peak or near-peak brightness.

Achieve Distortion-Free Presentation

The Samsung Onyx’s distraction-free design keeps audiences focused on featured content, rather than the display itself. Improved content uniformity allows viewers to experience visual details and intricacies that otherwise might be lost or hidden on standard theater and at-home screens.

Take Cinema Content to Another Dimension

Cinema-goers will enjoy the elevated realism of Samsung’s 3D Onyx screen, which presents subtitle text and image details to glass-wearing viewers with pinpoint accuracy. In doing so, the Samsung Onyx overcomes the hindered content quality and disorientation common with traditional 3D screens.

Pair Content with Clear, Crisp Sound

Each Samsung Onyx screen syncs with HARMAN’s JBL Sculpted Surround Sound audio to invite movie-goers into an unparalleled, multi-sensory presentation. This broad, theater-wide coverage produces a uniform and consistent customer experience and ensures that films can be enjoyed at optimal quality.

Expand Revenue Opportunities

As the demands for theater space evolve, Samsung Onyx welcomes non-movie events and expands revenue-generation opportunities. The display maintains consistent visual excellence regardless of the featured on-screen content, and accommodates various ambient light conditions.

Empower a Modern Theater Experience

Samsung Onyx Cinema LED extends its total theater solutions lineup, influencing and guiding customers’ cinema journey from approach through departure. The Onyx reinforces Samsung’s commitment to exploring new and exciting ways to improve the customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

Physical Parameter

  • Pixel Pitch2.5 mm
  • Pixel Configuration1 red, 1 green, 1 blue
  • Diode TypeSurface Mount Device (SMD)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 639.8 x 899.8 x 118.9 mm (per handle)
  • Weight 14.2 kg (per cabinet)
  • Cabinet ConstructionAll aluminum construction


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