Indoor IPE100

P10 / indoor / entry class / full-front custom cabinet

  • Industry’s highest-quality, tier-one LED diodes
  • Superior picture quality
  • Advanced color calibration
  • Energy-saving cabinet design
  • Embedded Receiver



A host of integrated features make Samsung’s IPE Series LED Signage a versatile and capable upgrade to indoor LCD displays. Customizable and designed to fit specific customer needs, the IPE Series delivers exceptional picture quality at high brightness and excellent contrast ratio levels. The signage’s bezel-free design further eliminates visual distraction and keeps viewers’ eyes focused on central content. Durable and reliable, the IPE Series signage is engineered to deliver brilliant and vivid content for up to 60,000 hours with minimal customer maintenance required.


Samsung’s two-step calibration process ensures that IPE Series content is delivered with accurate and consistent color quality. First, display maintenance teams close color distortion gaps by tuning pixels to the lowest possible brightness level. Next, each pixel undergoes LED voltage adjustment that creates perfect color uniformity as brightness settings increase. By achieving the correct color tones, this thorough calibration process produces high-quality imagery with optimal color integrity.


During each installation, Samsung provides a centralized customer support center that remedies and prevents common LED display performance challenges. Experts engage with customers during all six stages of the implementation process (Planning, Consulting, Designing and Producing, Shipping, Installing and Maintenance) to answer questions and ensure that all displays are running to their fullest potential. This proactive, involved approach not only saves customers time and money, but identifies and alleviates problems faster and with less effort required.


To further empower the ongoing project management process, each IPE Series signage includes a host of technologies designed to identify common LED display performance problems. A two-way monitoring system notifies engineers at Samsung’s Network Operating Center (NOC) of potential “display off” errors. Concurrently, a series of webcams and monitoring systems located throughout each display detects color and temperature discrepancies and LED dot errors. Once received, the NOC team proactively notifies and works with customers to address such issues that can impede seamless content delivery.

Physical Parameter

  • Pixel Pitch10.32mm (.400”) centers
  • Pixel Configuration1 red, 1 green, 1 blue
  • Pixel Density9,688 m² / 900 ft²
  • Configuration (LxH, per cabinet)32x16 pixels
  • Diode TypeSurface Mount Device (SMD)
  • Diode Density29,064 m² / 2,700 ft²
  • Dimensions (㎜, LxHxD, per cabinet) 330x165 mm (per module)
  • Weight 0.27kg (per module)
  • Cabinet ConstructionAll aluminum construction


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