Outdoor XR100F

P10 LED Signage that features uniform, durable content delivery

  • Optimized and consistent picture quality
  • Soft-top cushion and rubber louver
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Advanced redundancy


Amplify fan engagement through clear and captivating on-field content

Due to its close proximity to the competition, the perimeter surrounding a sporting field is prime space for promotional engagement. Samsung’s Perimeter XR Series displays enable venues to capitalize on such captive audiences through brilliant, LED-quality content. Designed specifically for stadiums and arenas, the Perimeter XR Series displays offer superior durability with minimal maintenance required, and represent a cost-efficient alternative to more traditional in-venue advertising channels.

Uniform Content Delivery in any Setting

The 10 mm. pixel pitch Perimeter XR Series displays deliver consistently clear branded content to viewers both in the arena and watching at home. A wide viewing angle and elevated brightness make text and images visible from any location regardless of daytime or surrounding conditions. A complementary high refresh rate additionally prevents distortion and waves, and produces a clear, distraction-free presentation even as speeds and zoom-in rates are adjusted during slow motion replays.

‘Conventional’ refers to displays with low brightness and low refresh rate.

Reinforced for Collision Impact

Whether it be a stray bouncing ball or unintentional contact from a player, official or other on-field personnel member, the Perimeter XR Series displays are securely designed to withstand and brace for in-game collisions. A soft-top cushion and rubber louver design offer added protection that shields participants from injury, while also safeguarding critical display components and ensuring continuous performance.

Durable for All Conditions

The Perimeter XR Series displays maintain continuous performance regardless of surrounding environmental conditions. A sealed-rear design and micro-filter in the fan’s power box protect the displays from damage as a result of water or dust exposure. Furthermore, each Perimeter XR Series display is Ingress Protection (IP) validated, with defense ratings of IP65 and IP55 for the front and rear components respectively. Through this added protection, the Perimeter XR Series displays better comply with the strict stadium standards set forth by athletic organizations such as UEFA.

Intuitive, Hassle-Free Maintenance

A simplistic, module-based design reduces installation and maintenance complexities, with only a single wire required to connect each module to the central power box. In turn, venues can ensure a neat and tidy installation that keeps playing fields free of distracting and potentially dangerous wire exposure. Module replacement also is easy, with operators merely having to lift up valves and loosen screws.

Secure Back-Up through Advanced Redundancy

Should a particular display module encounter an error, the Perimeter XR Series displays are engineered to maintain stable, ongoing performance. Signal redundancy confines errors to the single affected cabinet and prevents spreading. As a result, advertising managers can launch their content rotation without worrying about costly, time-consuming maintenance, or delivering potentially-distracting visuals to surrounding audiences.

Physical Parameter

  • Pixel Pitch10.0 mm
  • Pixel Configuration1 red, 1 green, 1 blue
  • Pixel Density10,000 m² / 929 ft²
  • Configuration (LxH, per cabinet)128x96 pixels
  • Diode TypeSMD3535
  • Diode Density30,000 m² / 2,787 ft²
  • Dimensions (LxH) 1280x960x168 (per cabinet)
  • Weight 52kg (per cabinet)
  • Cabinet ConstructionAluminum


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