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Sports Display Creating a connected and immersive experience for spectators

Sports display market trends

Dynamically transforming fan engagement and viewing experience for any sport

Nowadays, sports facilities must focus more than ever on creating a modern, immersive experience. The end-to-end capabilities of Samsung’s sports display solutions offer businesses everything they need, from LED and standalone signage to monitors, innovative software and facility management.

  • Entertainment

    Samsung’s sports display solutions ensure that every visitor is able to vividly feel like they are a part of the game like never before by offering an optimum view from anywhere

  • Revenue Maximization

    Samsung’s sports display solutions create a truly compelling customer experience, while also maximizing the opportunity to influence purchasing decisions and ultimately increase revenue

  • Effective Management

    Samsung allows sports facilities to operate this 24/7, using video wall, monitor and MagicINFO content management software, maximizing both the user and visitor experience.

What Samsung offers

Samsung’s end-to-end sports display capabilities offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that make an impressive statement, command attention from visitors throughout any facility and create a unique experience through state-of-the-art technology. From large displays through to intelligent software, Samsung sports display gives users the capability to provide interactive information, special offers and facility information, supported by operational efficiency and analytical insights.

Exterior / Entrance / Parking lot

Capturing customer attention with impactful welcome

Vibrant digital signage welcomes every visitor to the facility, entertaining and informing them with dynamic content and promotions. Visually engaging content from multiple brands encourages interactions and purchases as soon as they set foot inside the facility.
Ticketing / Way-finding

Delivering highly engaging and informative content

Samsung’s digital displays can be positioned in high-traffic areas to ensure customers receive efficient and engaging service, directing them to find ticket kiosks, their seats, food and beverages, or lead them to a shopping experience.
Scoreboard & Perimeter display (Outdoor)

Superior image quality regardless of conditions

Samsung’s digital scoreboard and perimeter displays provide high visibility and brightness, reflection reduction and long-life durability regardless of weather conditions, guaranteeing an immersive experience for every spectator.
Scoreboard & Ribbon display (Indoor)

Captivating display and complete visibility

Samsung’s indoor display solutions mean fans never miss a second of the action. Customizable scoreboards and ribbon displays build the atmosphere, increase engagement and maximize the opportunities for sponsors to attract customers through the use of superior picture quality.
VIP suite

Creating an exclusive customer experience

VIP guests are always looking for an elevated experience. Live broadcast video walls and beautifully crafted frame design screens provide a unique experience like no other, while ensuring guests are constantly informed of the latest updates, information and promotions.
F&B / Shopping

Driving customer engagement and purchases

There are multiple touch points in a sports facility throughout the customer journey that offer sales opportunities. Samsung signage entices visitors to interact and can drive customers to a specific store or location to make a purchase, all thanks to the strong customer engagement beforehand.
Control center / Management solution

Convenient management and efficient control

A robust, reliable control center is critical for any sports facility to ensure optimum efficiency while making the most of revenue opportunities. Samsung allows sports facilities to operate this at all hours, using video wall, monitor and MagicINFO content management software, maximizing both the user and visitor experience.

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