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Why Digital Signage for Hotels and Hospitality?

  • The hospitality industry is undergoing a period of tremendous change. Digital transformation is disrupting traditional business models as companies struggle amid unprecedented competitive pressures to meet the needs of an emergent and influential consumer group of digital natives.
  • Hotel owners need simplified display management and easy content management across multiple locations to meet the needs of guests who expect a seamless digital and content-rich experience from the moment they walk in the lobby. Samsung Display Solutions embrace hotel digital signage and hospitality display offerings to provide real-time information and a personalized in-room entertainment system.

Why Samsung Digital Signage for Hotels

Samsung provides a wide range of display solutions product portfolio to meet the specific needs of the hospitality industry
  • Very robust outdoor digital signage, videowall and UHD signage to elevate branding and enhance visual impact
  • Advanced special display such as mirror, square, transparent or stretch signage
  • A wide range of hotel digital signage offerings to meet specific market needs, from luxury to mass hotels
Samsung provides all-in-one display solutions to enhance operational efficiency
  • Powerful SoC digital signage platform (new Tizen and SSSP platform) with integrated media player and PC
  • Embedded hospitality display content management solution for IP and cable infrastructure
  • Easy videowall installation with special wallmount and display for simple two- step configuration
Samsung Display Solutions provides best-in-class picture quality and advanced functionality
  • High brightness of 700 nit for indoor use and 2000 nit for outdoor use
  • Advanced videowall : approximately 90% uniform color presentation through factory calibration
  • Superior mirror picture quality (real mirror-like display with 90% transparency, 55% reflectivity)
  • World's first UHD hotel digital signage and UHD hospitality display
  • Versatile LED signage ranging from 1.5 pixels to 20 pixels
Samsung offers a modern and sophisticated product portfolio to elevate your hotel's brand image
  • Sophisticated hospitality display design with real metal bezel (HE890U)
  • World's slimmest videowall (1.6 mm bezel) and slimmest standalone signage (PHF)
Samsung is a top-tier global display leader which guarantees reliable and durable products
  • Rigorous product testing for quality assurance : X3 heat/ static content resistant, X2 dust, pro-longed operation,
  • lifespan, X4 heavy-weight support
  • Reliable 24/7 display operation in various indoor and outdoor environments (IP56 certified)

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying about Hotel Digital Siganage

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Peninsula Hotel "The integration of Samsung Hospitality Displays and our system was fairly easy. In terms of hardware integration, it was just a couple of cables away."- Ingvar Herland, General Manager
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The Shilla Seoul "Samsung SMART Hospitality Display's clear picture quality and modern, sleek design was the perfect match with hotel's premium atmosphere.“- Randy Lee, Director of Rooms


Elevator or bath room

  • Provide information on weather and hotel amenities, including special offers, in-hotel shops and limited-time events

In-house restaurant / lounge bar

  • Deliver digital menu boards and promote new offerings with digital menu boards for the day’s specials

Guest Room

  • Provide real-time customized information and an in-room entertainment guest experience


  • Keep customers informed with important weather and event news updates available on the spot



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