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Healthcare Display Enhance businesses in the hospital industry with optimized display solution

Market trends

Hospitals are mission-critical environments and clear, concise communication is important to ensure the right messages are delivered at the right time

  • Market Growth

    The market is expected to reach USD 2.33 Billion by 2023 from an estimated USD 1.86 Billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 4.6%.

    * Source: MarketsandMarkets™

  • High-definition Picture Quality

    The adequate and repeatable performance of the image display system is a key element of information technology platform in a modern radiology department.

    * Source:Market Research Journals Inc.

Samsung Healthcare Display Solution is suited to the needs of any healthcare facility

From navigating the facility, to donor walls, to patient care facilities, there are a host of use cases within a hospital where an impactful display solution can deliver the sophisticated tools needed to communicate quickly and efficiently throughout the facility.

  • Differentiation
  • Communication
  • Productivity

What Samsung offers

Samsung, the number one global digital signage solution provider, offers a comprehensive portfolio of display solutions for a wide array of applications including wayfinding, waiting area, lobby, station, conference room, doctor’s room and patient’s room.

Entrance & Lobby

Engage visitors from the moment they arrive with informative, real-time content

Differentiate the hospital brand and display useful information such as doctor profiles, patient stories and testimonials, information about facility amenities or innovative medical approaches using indoor LED signage or a video wall solution.
IFJ Series

Industry-best video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement

IFJ-E Series

Industry-best video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement

IFH Series

LED Signage with superior picture quality and intuitive usability

IFH-E Series

Customize your immersive environment with fine pixel pitch LED displays

IFH-D Series

Superior picture quality and high-versatility potential

Razor Narrow Bezel

Seamless video walls with 0.44mm razor-thin bezels

Extreme Narrow Bezel

Premium video walls featuring deeper visual impact

Ultra Narrow Bezel

Powerful video walls for various business needs

Super Narrow Bezel

Designed for easy installation with ultra-compact design


Help visitors easily navigate your facility

Patients, employees and family members are completely reliant on clear and easy-to-navigate directories and information. Digital displays can help all visitors ensure they get exactly where they need to go with interactive maps and signage.
PMF-BC Series

All-in-one displays that leverage capacitive touch technology backed by Tizen-powered media player

SHF Series

Stretched displays featuring a 16:4.5 widescreen with slim, narrow bezel design

Waiting areas

Improve the waiting experience with engaging content

Target patients and visitors with relevant information while they are waiting to be treated, improving engagement and reducing perceived wait times by capturing their attention with displays that provide important and comforting hospital information.
QMR Series

Display any content in ultra-high definition with incredibly rich color on slim, efficient signage.

QMN Series

Compelling UHD picture quality, extensive connectivity and ongoing 24/7 performance

QBR Series

Display any content in ultra-high definition with incredibly rich color on slim, efficient signage.

QEN Series

Amplify business messaging through reliable and efficient displays

Conference room

View patient details in perfect clarity

Utilizing the latest 8K displays featuring DICOM simulation mode allows medical teams to collaborate quickly and efficiently in conference rooms and other private meeting areas while ensuring teams can easily and accurately review patient’s medical information.
QPR-8K Series

Exceptional 8K resolution with 8K AI upscaling technology


Create hubs at every station with informative displays

By using small-sized display in front of each station throughout the hospital, work efficiency will be increased and enable every workspace to become a hub for sharing timely, up to date information to doctors, patients and visitors.
WMR Series

Easy and effective LED calibration solution for captivating content

QBR Series

Enhanced communication in a compact display

QBR-T Series

Enhanced communication in a compact display

Patient’s room

Provide patient-friendly in-room experience

Offering the latest TV technology paired with a simple, centralized management solution can help give patients some enjoyment and create a more familiar, home-like experience.
SMART Hospitality Display

Offers your guests a high-end, immersive and flexible in-room experience


Achieve hotel operations efficiency and guest service differentiation through Samsung’s LYNK HMS hotel solution

Doctor’s room

Enable increased efficiency and a productive environment

High-impact display solutions such as a business monitor can increase the work efficiency of a doctor’s meeting with a patient, ensuring a productive and comfortable setting for both the doctor and their visitors.
CJ89 Series

Premium Curved Monitor with 32:10 Super Ultra-wide screen

CHG90 Series

QLED monitor for the ultimate multi-tasking experience

CH89 Series

Ultra-wide curved monitor ideal for multi-taskers

UH85 Series

UHD monitor with wider workspace and life-like details

SH85 Series

WQHD monitor with bezel-less design

Management solution

Manage your display devices and contents comprehensively

Along with partners, Samsung provides intuitive management solutions that allow the users to have a great ability to manage and control all of the devices, creating and updating information easily and as needed.
MagicINFO Server

A powerful contents and device managing tool with an easy-to-use web-based interface

MagicINFO Author

An advanced content creation tool exclusive for standalone signage

MagicINFO Player

A powerful in-house media player to schedule and play a range of media files

Remote Management Solution

Ensure optimized devices via remote management from the trusted industry leader

Samsung SMART Signage Platform

A robust digital signage platform for CMS partners based on open-source

Success stories

Large Children's Hospital
Large Children’s Hospital

The children’s hospital can now deliver targeted communications to patients families and employees while freeing itself of traditional printed signage and clutter.

Zhengzhou Yihe Hospital (Hospitality) Play
Zhengzhou Yihe Hospital

The patients enjoy a higher-quality, personalized and convenient experience, as well as receive valuable hospital information directly on their in-room displays.