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Why Digital Signage for Schools and Education

  • The rate of information coming to students and surrounding them is at an all-time high, and this has created a heightened need for more personalized and engaging lessons, while enabling educators to effectively innovate as they are now faced with students who find it difficult to remain focused.
  • The education industry is now adapting to these emerging trends by leveraging digital signage solutions that can enhance the overall learning experience with more personalized and interactive lessons. Educators are finding more innovative tools and skills at their disposal, while students are having their attention and focus held throughout the entirety of lessons, thanks to these captivating tools and resources being introduced by digital signage for schools.

Why Samsung Digital Signage in Education

Samsung digital signage for schools provides enhanced connectivity solutions between teachers and students
  • connectivity with e-board and digital devices where digital signage content can be interactively shared with student devices such as PCs or mobile devices
  • an interactive whiteboard solution which integrates interactive whiteboard MagicIWB S2 S/W
  • easy content sharing by supporting a wide range of media formats and plug & play functionality
  • high compatibility with peripheral devices and Windows operation system
  • great expandability with optional plug-in module (PIM)
Samsung provides diverse solutions in an all-in-one package
  • an all-in-one solution : Samsung immersive digital signage, touch overlay, pen tray and pen, and embedded IWB software
  • a pre-assembled touch overlay
  • a selection of display sizes from 65" to 82" along with a choice of touch feature variations including hand touch and hybrid
Samsung digtal signage for schools deploys advanced functionality to address your needs for optimum education
  • Best performing e-board signage (DME-BM) to facilitate quick recognition and unique multi color pen(EMI)
  • multiple touch e-board variants, such as hand touch (IR, cost-effective) and hybrid touch (pen and hand)
  • world's slimmest video wall & seamless e-board (DEM-BC) work to elevate the overall ambience of corporate environments
Samsung ensures a streamlined display management solution to be used throughout multiple locations
  • the MagicInfo solution of DataLink enables a real-time connection with internal databases
  • simplified content management through content creation tools and templates and ability to remotely deploy to multiple locations
  • centralized management of content and displays with optional MagicInfo server
Samsung digital signage features high-end display technologies that facilitate vivid imagery.
  • uniform color presentations of video walls with meticulous factory calibration and advanced color management S/W
  • Deeper black and brighter white through a superior 5000:1 contrast ratio and anti-glare touch overlay (with less than 15% glare)
  • flexible display layouts with image rotation functionality

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Feyziye Mektepleri Vakfı (FMV) Işık Schools “After the collaboration with Samsung, the motivation of the students at the FMV isik schools has increased dramatically.”- Sibel Sagner, Primary School Principal



  • Share presentations with bright and crisp imagery through a video wall and wide standalone digital signage

K-12 (primary and secondary schools), Higher Education (post-secondary) Classrooms

  • Facilitate class engagement and display seamless presentations

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    Samsung interactive whiteboard solution for education revolutionizes the classroom, enhancing the teaching and learning experience