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Samsung-Cisco Meeting Room Solutions Samsung-Cisco Meeting Room Solutions

What's Cisco Video Conference?

Aligning the Finest in Technology

As the meeting room of the future becomes a modern reality, our solutions are simplifying the transition. Cisco’s expertise in collaboration and intelligence of the Webex Room Kit Series with Samsung’s SMART signage technology will transform modern meeting space into highly productive environments.
Aligning the Finest in Technology Aligning the Finest in Technology

Prioritize Meeting Simplicity

When connected, the Samsung SMART Signage and the Cisco Webex Room Kits are compatible with each other seamlessly through the use of the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) technology. This technology simplifies the operation of displays by automatically configuring settings.
Prioritize Meeting Simplicity Prioritize Meeting Simplicity

Optimal Viewing Experience for Meetings

The Samsung and Cisco solutions deliver superior color settings that are auto configured for optimal resolution. This offering supports 4K visuals for a high-quality viewing experience and the under and over- scan handling automatically adjusts the screen to ensure a perfect fit.
Optimal Viewing Experience for Meetings Optimal Viewing Experience for Meetings

Intelligent Video Conferencing

Lag time between video and audio is a common issue in video conferencing. The Samsung and Cisco solutions help to create a smooth video conference experience by automatically entering the optimized mode to minimize lag in video playback, eliminate echo and solve lip syncing issues.
Intelligent Video Conferencing Intelligent Video Conferencing

Smart Operation of Displays

The solutions facilitate smart operations by using a mutual connection. The Samsung display information is synced with the Cisco codec, allowing users to manage the displays efficiently. Additionally, the Cisco Cameras can recognize attendees entering the room and wake the display automatically.
Smart Operation of Displays Smart Operation of Displays

Usage scenarios

Customizable to All Meeting Environments

Samsung’s advanced visual displays work in harmony with Cisco’s audio and video technologies to provide businesses with customizable options. The technologies mold to the specifications of any meeting room, including the lighting environment and the number of participants involved.
QMN/QMH 65"↑+Webex Room Kit Plus QMN/QMH 65"↑+Webex Room Kit Plus
QBN/QBH 65"↑+Webex Room Kit Plus QBN/QBH 65"↑+Webex Room Kit Plus
QMN/QMH 55"↓+Webex Room Kit Plus QMN/QMH 55"↓+Webex Room Kit Plus
QBN/QBH 55"↓+Webex Room Kit Plus QBN/QBH 55"↓+Webex Room Kit Plus

Key Features

Samsung UHD Signage

UHD Picture Quality

UHD Picture Quality

Showcases content with four times the ultra-realistic detail and clarity of standard alternatives
Powerful Performance

Powerful Performance

Business-critical capabilities ranging from secure in-platform application development to remote management
Data Security

Data Security

KNOX platform provides rigid 3-layer protection, restricting file and data access to an exclusive user base
PC-less Solution

PC-less Solution

Access and edit content from remote laptop using the Remote Workspace connection

Cisco Webex Room Kit

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings

Powerful, integrated cameras deliver intelligent views capabilities, such as automatic framing and speaker tracking
Smart Presentations

Smart Presentations

Features such as, dual screens, dual content sources, wireless sharing, and 4K content make for effective presentations
Smart Integrations

Smart Integrations

Tracking meeting attendees for resource allocation, automatic screen integration, in-room controls such as adjusting lights and curtains
Registration Flexibility

Registration Flexibility

Built for both cloud and on-premises deployment, protecting your investment

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