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Facilitate More Effective Collaboration Through All-in-One Meeting Room Solutions

Evolving collaborative environments

The global settings we work in are changing rapidly and we need to respond accordingly. Global and remote staffing ensures a nimble workforce, but that poses some challenges for when impromptu meetings need to be held. Huddle spaces have come to the rescue to meet the needs of those seeking quick meetings in small groups. The versatility of such spaces knows no bounds. Any setting will do, as long as a productive discussion atmosphere can be realized.

Evolving collaborative environments Evolving collaborative environments

Effective huddle room solutions are the answer

The diverse work environment of our era demands advanced technology that can bridge the communicative gaps that exist when bringing together remote teams. Huddle spaces are the ideal solution, but there are issues that are known to arise, such as budgeting, team size and operational limitations. This underscores the need for having huddle room technology tailored specifically to taking these issues head-on and leveraging them into strengths.

Effective Huddle Room Solutions are the Answer Effective Huddle Room Solutions are the Answer

All-in-one collaborative business solutions

Samsung and HARMAN have come together to deploy comprehensive audio and visual display solutions to streamline your huddle space environments. Their combined technologies allow for everyone in remote networks to have the same crisp and clear video and pristine audio as you do, in addition to supporting document sharing, advanced connectivity and versatile implementation features. The two company's respective strengths ensure a collection of high-performing bundles suited for modern huddle spaces.

All-in-one collaborative business solutions All-in-one collaborative business solutions

Huddle Room Solutions

Choose from a range of versatile bundles to empower any business setting

For executives that need end-to-end control

The Huddle Enterprise Plus bundle is an all-inclusive solution that takes both HARMAN’s AMX Acendo Vibe sound bar and AMX Acendo Core meeting platform and streamlines them with Samsung’s touch-enabled PMF-BC Series displays for an interactive space that is rich in function and versatility. This bundle utilizes multiple touch points and a wide-view camera, thus heightening the engagement of all who are present or are working remotely.

  • Near-Desk Area/
    C-Level Private Meeting Room

  • All-In-One Package
    (no peripherals needed)

  • Impromptu/
    Rich Collaboration

For Executives that Need End-to-End Control For Executives that Need End-to-End Control Samsung Touch Display PMF-BC Series

The perfect solution for bigger spaces that have bigger needs

Suited to mid-sized spaces, the Huddle Enterprise bundle deftly handles the intricacies of preparation and execution, causing users to almost forget it’s even there. This bundle makes full use of its strengths rooted in HARMAN’s AMX Acendo Core business communication platform, enabling users to book rooms, and allow for convenient document exchange, multi-screen sharing and one-touch Skype for real-time communication for maximum engagement.

  • Premium Option for Mid-Sized
    Meeting Room

  • Built-In Meeting Controls and Document
    Viewing-No Computer Needed

  • Integrates with Room Calendar for
    one Touch Meeting Start

The Perfect Solution for Bigger Spaces that have Bigger Needs The Perfect Solution for Bigger Spaces that have Bigger Needs Samsung UHD Display QMH Series

Enhanced versatility for scalable settings

The Huddle Premium bundle features Samsung’s UHD-quality QMH Series displays and HARMAN’s AMX Acendo Vibe conferencing sound bar which are augmented by Bluetooth functionality and USB connectivity to complement the UX features that facilitators and participants have grown to expect. Huddle Premium can be effectively defined by its robust versatility, thus making it a perfect fit for compact yet scalable, BYOD-friendly breakout sessions.

  • Small/Mid-Size
    Meeting Room

  • Best Solution for BYOD-Connect
    via Bluetooth or USB

  • Superior UHD Picture Quality
    and Sound by JBL

  • Industry Leading
    Industrial Design

Enhanced Versatility for Scalable Settings Enhanced Versatility for Scalable Settings Samsung UHD Display QMH Series

A visually and audibly rich solution

The Huddle Standard bundle comes complete with Samsung's DCJ Series displays which are harmonized with HARMAN's AMX Sereno video conferencing camera and laptops of users to seamlessly bring together live and virtual participants to ensure high productivity. Corporate workspaces of any size can be converted into high-performance hubs of activity thanks to this cost-effective solution.

  • Meeting Room Floor

  • Most Cost-Effective Option

  • Basic Features

A Visually and Audibly Rich Solution A Visually and Audibly Rich Solution Samsung Professional Display DCJ Series

Enterprise Plus Enterprise Premium Standard
UHD Display
Premium Audio/Video
Content and conferencing platform
(no user device needed)
Touch Interface
(no peripherals needed)

Huddle Room Solution Configurator

Choose the features you need for your huddle room and ensure that you have the right solution.


Compatible products

PMF-BC Series

All-in-one displays that leverage capacitive touch technology backed by Tizen-powered media player

QMH Series

UHD Signage that features ultra-realistic picture quality and business-ready functionalities

DCJ Series

A reliable, affordable display that supports 16-hour-per-day functionality


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