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Control Room Display See the full picture in complete detail with superior picture quality

Market trends

Today's decision-makers seek ways to monitor multiple information streams more efficiently

  • Market Growth

    The security control room market is expected to grow from USD 6.71 Billion in 2017 to USD 10.00 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 6.80% during the forecast period.

    * Source: MarketsandMarkets™

  • LED Technology

    "Moving from monitor projection and hybrid laser cube display walls to LED video wall technology is popular"

    * Source: AVnetwork

Keep your control room humming with the best-in-class visual display technology

For many years, control rooms have acted as critical information hubs for various organizations around the globe. A crucial element of any properly-functioning control room is the latest in display technology. In order to monitor multiple information streams efficiently decision makers must be equipped with clear information, and display technology that features the industry’s best picture quality, reliability operational efficiency can make all the difference.

  • Image uniformity
    and picture quality
  • Reliability
  • Operational

What Samsung offers

Samsung’s comprehensive line-up of professional displays are built for the control room. From large-scale LED signage and Video walls visible to the entire room to the incredible detail available in QLED 8K Signage and even ultra-wide, high resolution monitors, teams will have the technology to get the job done.

LED Signage

Unmatched image detail and contrast that’s built to last

Large-scale indoor LED display options from Samsung provide a perfect view of critical information and guaranteed performance to keep the control room operational at all times.
Video Wall & Business Monitor

Immersive, uninterrupted viewing with brilliant picture quality

A video wall is often at the heart of a control room, providing clear visibility for efficient monitoring and maintenance. Samsung’s displays offer optimal brightness, high resolution, an immersive curved design, and long-lasting performance in any environment.
QLED 8K Signage

Capturing all the subtle differences

Samsung’s QLED 8K Signage delivers extremely accurate imagery ensuring control room staff are seeing all the details they need to on one, uniform screen, in the highest resolution.
Crystal UHD Signage

Clear delivery of critical information

Samsung’s Crystal UHD Signage delivers crystal clear picture, keeping control room staffs from missing any detailed information in critical scenarios.

Precise and refined picture quality

Samsung’s leading calibration tools, Color Expert LED and Color Expert Pro offer full criteria customization and color calibration. Additionally, the mobile calibration option features a simplified tuning process. With uniformity down to the pixel-level, colors and visuals are presented exactly as intended.

Success stories

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Korea Racing Authority LetsRun Park in Busan & Gyeongnam

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St John Ambulance of New Zealand Play
St John Ambulance of New Zealand

St John’s operators have experienced a notable improvement in both efficiency and productivity aspects, which is critical in managing and planning the response for emergency calls, thanks to Samsung’s Curved Monitors.