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Smart Hospitality Display

Invite your guests in with captivating displays and memorable experiences that are managed by simple operating systems for hotel staff.


Indulge your guests with vibrant and high-resolution displays that are powered by Samsung’s innovative technology.


Luxury hospitality display feature - stunning 8k resolution icon

Stunning 8K resolution

Be immersed in every frame. With 33 million pixels* and unbeatable resolution, experiences come alive on screen.

* 8K resolution only available for certain models.
Luxury hospitality display feature - QLED picture perfect colors icon

Picture perfect colors

Each color creates a breathtaking image with Quantum Dot Technology’s 100% Color Volume. Vivid highlights and dark shadows are showcased at any brightness or angle.

* 100% Color Volume measured to DCI-P3 standard, certified by VDE.
Luxury hospitality display feature - uncover insights with LYNK

Uncover insights with LYNK Cloud

Drive your guest’s experiences at a distance by managing displays remotely, and review content insights to understand how your hotel can cater to their needs.

* Samsung LYNK Cloud solution must be purchased separately.


Modern designs that don’t compromise quality. Enhance your guests’ stay with beautiful and iconic displays


Lifestyle hospitality display feature - A display that fits your style

A display that fits your style

Enhance your hotel’s aesthetic with an elegant look that blends into the space. Each display transforms to suit your guests’ needs while adding to your hotel’s atmosphere.
Lifestyle hospitality display feature - Intuitive mobile connection

Intuitive mobile connection

Allow guests to project directly from personal devices and enhance their entertainment experience with split screen capabilities.
Lifestyle hospitality display feature - Elevate the ambiance of room

Elvate the ambiance of room

Enjoy art. Use the displays to showcase elegant fine art pieces.

* Art mode is applied to specific models and regions.


Bring the comfort of home on the road with high-quality imagery and intriguing entertainment.


Premium hospitality display feature  - Bring pictures to life with UHD

Bring pictures to life with UHD

Showcase entertainment in its best light with UHD resolution, which has four times more the pixels of the FHD standard.
Premium hospitality display feature  - Explore Smart Hub’s library

Explore Smart Hub’s library

Stay caught up with a wide range of shows and movies, even while on the go. Smart Hub has entertainment across genres, keeping guests happy and engaged.

* Certain apps are only applicable to specific models and regions.
Premium hospitality display feature  - Customize each guest’s stay

Customize each guest’s stay

Send personalized messages and reminders to guests’ displays to keep them updated on need-to-know information and details about their stay.


Welcome your guests with a simple and convenient display experience using a centralized operating system.


Standard hospitality display feature - Communicate with guests easily

Communicate with guests easily

Connect with guests directly by sending messages with LYNK REACH, a content management solution.
Standard hospitality display feature - Easy to manage

A Home Menu tailored to your brand

Customize your home menu with your logo and an introductory video to greet guests.
Standard hospitality display feature - A Home Menu taliored to your brand

Easy to manage

The advanced features makes it easy for your staff to manage hundreds of in-room displays.