Europe HG40EA570LW

Superior display with energy-efficient design and high-end performance.

  • LYNK REACH Compatibility
  • Hospitality Stand (Swivel)
  • SI Compatibility
  • Hotel Logo/Welcome Message
  • Multi-code Remote




REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) is the integrated solution that allows your Hospitality Display to combine superior quality for your guests with brand-building tools for your business. Display your corporate logo and images, programme guides and hotel information at the touch of a button, either centrally or room-by-room. With its simple interface and editing tool, REACH will save your business time and money, especially since it does not require a separate set-top box. Moreover, you can use REACH through your existing cables with the minimum amount of hassle, adding value to your guests' experience at no extra cost.


Series 57 Hospitality Displays incorporate efficient SIRCH technology (Samsung Interactive Remote Control for Hospitality), which allows you to manage hundreds of displays remotely from a single central location. With this system you can configure settings such as volume control, upgrade firmware and update channel lists and other content, all of which contribute directly to customer well-being. SIRCH significantly reduces the effort involved in managing each television set, saving you time, resources and stress. Moreover, unlimited service and protection from programme interruptions serve to improve your guests' overall experience.

Energy Saving Of Up To 50%

Series 57 LED TVs set the standard when it comes to saving energy and reducing costs. Guests are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint, as well as getting good value for money. Built using efficient and sustainable manufacturing and recycling techniques, our Hospitality Displays are durable, high-quality and cost-effective. Added to this, the technology not only complies with the Energy Star 4.0 rating, it cuts energy consumption by nearly 50%, ensuring your business benefits from a significant overall reduction in energy bills.

Full HD

Make a real impression on your guests by showing them rich, vivid textures that create an astonishing viewing experience. With twice the resolution of standard HDTVs, the Series 57 brings the pin-sharp picture quality of high-definition television to every one of your guests, exceeding all their expectations. Our Full HD Hospitality Displays will change the nature of television, delivering images that reshape reality and further elevate the prestige of your brand.

Swivel Stand With Optional Stops

Our Hospitality Displays rotate in both directions, with optional 20, 60 and 90 degree settings, giving your guests an excellent view of their TV wherever they are in the room.

Soundbar Compatibility

The Soundbar offers your guests total control over an immersive surround-sound experience with one elegant, easy-to-install device. A single remote operates the TV and the Soundbar simultaneously. Connecting the Soundbar is straightforward and automatically applies the audio settings and menu lock features, meaning you do not have to set up the devices separately. This feature also prevents guests from changing default settings, reducing the servicing required between occupants.

  • Multi-code Remote Up To 10 TVs

    With the Series 57 you can increase usability and connectivity by controlling up to 10 TVs individually with one remote. Our Hospitality Displays' multi-code remote is ideal for gym and hospital environments, allowing guests and patients to enjoy television without causing interference or interruption to other displays.

  • Welcome Message & Logo Display

    You can use our Series 57 Hospitality Displays to welcome your guests into their rooms with your logo and corporate message. Optimise your brand's exposure with an adjustable display period of 3-7 seconds that can be adapted to suit your customers.

  • Remote Jack Pack (RJP) Compatible

    Whether your guests want to work or relax, with Series 57 Hospitality Displays you can give them the opportunity to connect their own devices with our Remote Jack Pack. From laptops to cameras, ensure your guests can access everything they need at the touch of a button.

  • External Speaker Output

    Make sure your guests benefit from the opportunity to hear the television from anywhere in their room or bathroom with our high performing external speaker system.


  • BacklightLED
  • Inch40"
  • Resolution1920 X 1080 (Full HD)


  • Picture EngineHyperReal Engine
  • Micro DimmingN/A
  • Static Contrast Ratio5000:1
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus1
  • Viewing angle (H/V)178/178
  • Auto Motion PlusN/A
  • Brightness (cd/㎡)300cd/m2
  • Film Mode1
  • Response Time8mS


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