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A Centralized Content Management Solution


LYNK REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control of Hospitality) is a content management solution that helps hospitality properties to manage content on hotel TVs. LYNK REACH provides a personalized environment while simultaneously improving operational efficiency as it elevates displays into all-in-one content hubs. LYNK REACH delivers more streamlined information delivery channels, convenient communication options and efficient room management.


  • Simplify content creation and deployment through a single-source management system
  • Monitor performance and usage trends for hundreds of displays form a central remote location
  • Deliver a more personalized, differentiated in-room experience to hotel guests

Benefits of LYNK REACH

Streamline Workflow with Real-Time Monitoring and a Central Management Platform

LYNK REACH reduces total cost of ownership for hospitality users with intelligent features that provide real-time monitoring reports and allow a central platform to remotely manage processes. Hotels can monitor and set TV/network settings, room information displays and guest check in/out in a few clicks, enabling them to save time and effort on labor and maintenance costs.

Deliver Custom Content Easier through a Customized User Interface

LYNK REACH’s customizable user interface enables hotels to deliver a richer, more personalized in- room guest experience. The content creation tool is equipped with readily available, intuitive UI templates that simplify content development and management. With this solution, hotel managers can easily share targeted, real-time promotional messaging that reflects guest preferences.

Bringing the Comforts of Home with Easy Access to Various Applications

With LYNK REACH, hotels can delight guests with the same interactive entertainment they experience with their personal devices on in-room displays. Samsung’s Smart Hub provides a gateway to a variety of apps where guests can conveniently access social networking, enjoy music streaming and access the news through the hotel's IP network for enhanced TV content based on their individual needs.

Enhance the Guest Experience with Easy Access to Valuable, Real-time Information

With LYNK REACH, hotels can provide guests with a specialized experience built around their schedules or reasons for staying. Guests can quickly and easily access a wealth of relevant information including hotel services, flight schedules, weather updates and local attraction overviews with multiple-language support on their in-room TVs.

What's New with LYNK REACH 4.0?

LYNK REACH 4.0, the newest version of LYNK REACH software, offers a package of enhanced features designed to improve information capabilities, streamline content creation and maximize hotel revenue.

Extended Support for Infrastructure

LYNK REACH 4.0 fuses the benefits of its SINC and REACH hospitality technologies to offer a comprehensive content management solution accommodating LAN, WiFi and Coax, to drive faster and easier implementation.

Hybrid Channel Map

LYNK REACH 4.0 gives hotel managers access to a mix of IP* and RF channels, creating a hybrid channel map capable of offering guests more entertainment and information options. Extensive channel bank additionally allows hotels to offer specialized premium paid content to applicable guests, creating a potentially profitable revenue source while offering guests more customized viewing options.

Welcome Video Channel

LYNK REACH 4.0 allows hotels to use Welcome Video Channels to deliver useful information to guests in a more engaging way. Hotels can easily upload videos or insert URLs allowing for customized channel lists or advertisement of special offers.

Personalized Services

LYNK REACH 4.0 ensures that guests receive personalized attention and convenient access to on-site amenities and services throughout the duration of their stay. From check-in, all the way to check out, LYNK REACH allows hotels to personalize welcome messages, send restaurant reservation lists, and even expedite faster guest checkout, providing for a more pleasant guest experience.



  • Samsung LYNK REACH 4.0
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    Samsung’s LYNK Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality (REACH) 4.0 display management solution enables hoteliers to provide personalized environment.

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    Flexible, easy-to-use and low cost solution for hospitality TV management over coaxial infrastructure