Ready-to-use, all-in-one E-board display with 10 points drawing and rapid reporting rate capability.

  • Interactive whiteboard style design with a pre-assembled touch overlay from factory
  • Touch screen that allows for 10-point touch and drawing capabilities, with a palm eraser tool
  • All-in-one, PC-less E-board display solution with an embedded MagicIWB S2 software
  • Compatibility with an optional MagicIWB I2 software for advanced E-board functionality



Improve Meeting Efficiency through Simple, Streamlined Usability

While seamless collaboration is essential for success in any environment, the corporate and education sectors in particular require deeper engagement for messages to resonate. To keep participants informed and entertained, today’s meeting and class rooms require easy-to-adopt technologies that are more versatile than the analog boards and projectors they’ve long relied upon. As the latest evolution of its innovative Interactive White Board lineup, Samsung’s DME-BC display makes meeting and class engagement even more convenient and easy to manage. Leaders and participants can achieve faster on-screen writing speeds through the display’s capacitive touch technology. This feature further drives consistent touch performance through resistance to dust- and sunlight-related sensitivities. The all-in-one DME-BC display operates without external PCs, devices or remote controls, and its slim design accommodates the dimensions of any class or meeting room. Regardless of the setting, users can simply walk in, turn on and get started on time and with full audience attention. An asset for any corporate or education setting looking for a refresh, Samsung’s DME-BC display transforms meetings and presentations into superior collaborative environments with less operational burden.

Drive Comfortable Touch Interaction with Minimal Required Maintenance

Through a refined touch overlay and a user-friendly design, Samsung’s DME-BC display fosters a comfortable and easy to navigate digital writing experience. The DME-BC display’s integrated capacitive touch functionality improves on-screen writing speed and clarity while still maintaining the familiar feel of analog board or pen-and-paper notation. This unique technology eliminates potential touch-screen performance and quality sensitivities resulting from dust or sunlight exposure, and ensures continuous, uninterrupted communication in any environment. Each DME-BC interactive display additionally features a slim and sleek design that accommodates a range of room dimensions and placement possibilities. By removing the borders common with traditional interactive white boards, Samsung’s DME-BC display provides a more spacious and convenient digital writing arena for both meeting leaders and participants. Easy to install, maintain and work within, the DME-BC display drives more impactful discussions regardless of the class or meeting room setting.

A Smoother, More Interactive Writing Experience Using Touch

Featuring a pre-assembled Touch Overlay and a variety of collaboration-enhancing capabilities, the Samsung e-Board display alleviates misconceptions that digital display writing is complex and unnatural. Instead, the DME-BC’s touchscreen offers a smooth and comfortable writing experience. The DME-BC display’s hand touch function enables up to 10 different participants to touch the display’s screen using two fingers to make content selections, comments or edits, with those individual actions easily recognizable to the entire group. This versatile usability promotes efficiency and productivity by compiling individual feedback within a single source and offering greater visibility to all participants of discussed content.

For added convenience, the Samsung e-Board display also comes with a hand eraser tool useful for erasing larger areas of the screen. Instead of users having to search for and work through a specific removal function key, the simple and intuitive hand eraser makes content revision fast and user-friendly.

A More Engaging, Interactive Content Management Experience

The Samsung SMART Signage e-Board display’s embedded MagicIWB S2* interactive content management software solution transforms a traditional presentation into a dynamic business or educational experience. As an all-in-one touch solution, Samsung’s free MagicIWB S2 program delivers added flexibility for extensive collaboration before, during and after meetings or classes without requiring the use of separate dedicated PCs or additional devices. A touch-activated floating menu enables users to independently control, display and shuffle between multiple screens and various text, image, audio and video content files. Once sessions conclude, MagicIWB S2’s compatibility with standard office software programs lets users update, save, capture, print and share files for later viewing. With the support of the MagicIWB S2 solution, the Samsung e-Board display enhances the overall knowledge-sharing process through deeper engagement and all-inclusive file management.

*Note : Samsung’s MagicIWB I2 software, an advanced version of MagicIWB, is available for e-Board display users, but requires a separate PC for operation.

Versatile Usability with Extensive Connectivity and Easy-to-Use Touch Capability

Today’s business and educational environments require advanced compatibility for users to easily read and share content. Through its enhanced and versatile connectivity, Samsung’s e-Board display allows users to access, share and revise content via their own laptops, tablets and smartphones. This superior connectivity stems from the display being equipped to support a range of signal input sources, including HDMI, D-Sub, DisplayPort (DP), DVI and USB ports, which are compatible with nearly all external devices.

Furthermore, the Samsung e-Board display’s auto switching for the touch function eliminates the headache of needing two different cables to use touch with a notebook PC. Instead, the display features an easily assessable touch out cable (USB upstream) on the side of the front pen tray. Users just need to plug the single touch cable into the USB, connect the cable to the notebook PC and setup source. Together, these integrated solutions simplify multi-device setup and connectivity, as well as ensure convenient utilization of the display’s advanced touch capability.

An Intuitive Design that Promotes Efficiency and Usability

The Samsung SMART Signage e-Board display’s pre-assembled design allows users to comfortably install, control and work with the all-in-one e-Board solution. As part of its professional-grade design, the Samsung e-Board display incorporates a front pen tray for convenient storage and easy access to display components. With a design format resembling that of an analog white board, the Samsung e-Board helps ensure user familiarly and seamless technology adoption, while also bringing design sophistication and advanced functionality to business and educational environments. Additionally, the display’s design positions simplified hot keys on the front and side of the pen tray. The shortcut hot keys allow users to easily locate and select frequently-used functions, including touch on/off, quick menu, power on/off, touch out USB and HDMI, with the simple push of a button.

With the Samsung SMART Signage e-Board, business professionals and educators can economically utilize space while delivering the functionality essential for effective collaboration and productivity.


  • Diagonal Size65"
  • Type120Hz D-LED BLU
  • Resolution1920*1080 (Full HD)
  • Pixel Pitch(mm)0.248(H) × 0.744(V)
  • Active Display Area(mm)1428.48(H) x 803.52(V)
  • Brightness(Typ.)380 nit
  • Contrast Ratio4000:1
  • Viewing Angle(H/V)178:178
  • Response Time(G-to-G)6ms
  • Display Colors10bit Dithering - 1.07Billion
  • Color Gamut0.72
  • Operation Hour24/7
  • Haze2% (Panel), 15% (Glass)


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