Powerful video wall solution with advanced color calibration and seamless bezel design

Key Highlights

  • VideowallVideowall
  • 24/7 operation24/7 operation
  • New factory calibrationNew factory calibration
  • Ultra Narrow BezelUltra Narrow Bezel
  • Direct LEDDirect LED
  • Anti-GlareAnti-Glare
  • Premium UHD video wall solution based on daisy chain through the use of Display Port (DP) 1.2
  • Brightness uniformity and color accuracy with Samsung Color Expert Technology and factory calibration
  • Optimum levels of brightness (700 nit) for perfect visibility at any time of day or in indoor settings
  • Ultra-narrow 3.5mm bezel-to-bezel design for a near-seamless appearance of the video wall
  • Clear message through an anti-glare panel (haze 44%), with reliable 24/7 operation


Achieve Ultimate Picture Quality through Advanced Calibration

Any irregularity in a video wall’s brightness and color accuracy across displays can negatively impact the viewing experience. To eliminate these types of color expression gaps and maintain a fully-aligned, consistent and captivating presentation, Samsung’s UDE Series video walls feature advanced factory tuning, innovative hardware and exceptional user calibration tools. Samsung’s multi-step factory calibration process tunes video wall displays to the highest-performing uniform brightness and color across each display. After calibration, the displays offer an industry-leading local uniformity of more than 90 percent for optimal color accuracy across the entire display. The calibration process also enables the displays to offer a superior white balance.*
In addition to rigorous factory calibration, users can manage brightness and color uniformity conveniently with Samsung Color Expert, a powerful free software program. Through these advanced color management solutions, the UDE Series video walls enable large-scale presentations to feature superior uniformity, consistency and performance for the ultimate in color expression.

Captivate Audiences through a Narrow Bezel and Optimized Panel Design

The enhanced panel quality of Samsung’s UDE-A video wall elevates visual messaging and content through a seamless image and superior clarity. Featuring an ultra-narrow 3.5mm bezel-to-bezel design format (2.3mm bezel on the left and top sides and 1.2mm bezel on the right and bottom sides), which is the slimmest bezel in the video wall industry, the display creates a virtually uninterrupted viewing experience to keep audiences focused on content rather than the display itself.

Achieve UHD Picture Quality without Additional Devices through Industry-Leading Technology

With an increase in screen size, content resolution becomes even more important to deliver impactful content. As the industry’s first video walls to feature integrated DisplayPort (DP) 1.2 and HDMI ports, Samsung’s UDE Series video walls, UDE-A, can display Ultra-High Definition (UHD) contents across video wall configurations as large as 5x5 without the purchase of additional expensive devices. In comparison to conventional video walls that typically require added equipment and only accommodate up to a 2x2 arrangement, the UDE Series’ UHD presentation represents a sharp improvement. By supporting High-Bandwidth Content Protection (HDCP) daisy chains, the UDE Series video walls also can display UHD content, such as live TV or Blu-Ray discs, without having to purchase additional equipment, minimizing the cost of deploying multiple displays as part of large-scale promotional signage or informational presentations.

High-Performing Display Readability and Durability for your Business Environment

Samsung’s UDE-A Series video walls deliver a continuously immersive and engaging viewing experience through high-performing readability and durability. Designed for 24/7 continuous operation in challenging environments, the UDE-A Series video walls operate at the speed of your business without losing performance or display quality. The displays offer 700nit brightness to broadcast vivid, highly legible images and visual messaging in various lighting conditions.
The combination of these embedded design benefits makes the UDE-A Series video walls ideal for content and information delivery in usage environments that require enhanced readability, such as transportation terminals, shopping malls, office lobbies and control rooms.

A Slim, Easily Configurable Wall Mount* Adaptive to your Business Needs

Samsung’s versatile UDE Series video walls come equipped with a range of user-friendly features to ensure a seamless installation complementary to your specific operational needs. The displays come with an industry-leading slim, 39mm depth video wall mount for easy installation and calibration to hold each display in place without distracting viewers. As the wall mount is sized to the dimensions of the video wall, users can simply install the mount first and fit into the video wall. This user-friendly design eliminates the need to measure the wall mount and calculate the gap to properly size, which can be experienced with standard video wall mounting systems. Once installed, the mounting system offers three-dimensional axis tuning, including x-axis (up-and-down with rotational screws); y-axis (left and right with rail movement); and z-axis (push and pull pop-up capability), for effortless alignment of individual displays to form a continuous, gap-free presentation. This dimensional consistency and easy adjustability also prevents the need to dismantle the entire video wall should one specific section require adjustment.
*Additional purchase required for wall mount


  • Diagonal Size46"
  • TypeD-LED DID
  • Resolution1920*1080 (Full HD)
  • Pixel Pitch(mm)0.53025mm(H)*0.53025mm(V)
  • Active Display Area(mm)1018.08mm*572.67mm
  • Brightness(Typ.)700 nit
  • Contrast Ratio3500:1
  • Viewing Angle(H/V)178/178
  • Response Time(G-to-G)8ms
  • Display Colors8 bit - 16.7M
  • Color Gamut72%
  • Haze25%


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  • IncludedQuick Setup Guide, Warranty Card, DP cable, stereo to DB9 cable, Power Cord, Remote Controller, Batteries
  • StandN/A
  • Mount WMN-46VD
  • SpecialtyMID-UD46DS

Media Player

  • Media PlayerSBB(Slide In/Optional), Signage player box(Optional)

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