SMART Signage



Connectivity Tray

Optional Connectivity Tray for Flip 2


With various design and height configurations, Samsung SMART Signage Stands will support your displays securely on a flat surface. They are easy to install and serve as quick way to display signage conveniently

SBB (Set-Back-Box)

With easy-to-install PC modules, Samsung’s set-back boxes transform your SMART Signage displays into all-inclusive digital tools that cater to a wide range of specific business needs.

PIM (Plug-In-Module)

Samsung's PIM maximize the convenience of SMART Signage with a Windows operating system (OS) for a familiar user interface (UI) and high compatibility with third-party software.

Touch Overlay

Touch Overlay adds interactive touchscreen capability to compatible Samsung SMART Signage products, enabling a richer, more intuitive user interface.

Protection Overlay

Protection Overlay is a scratch resistant glass panel that gets installed on top of the display surface, offering enhanced durability for outdoor installation environments.

Wall Mount

With a range of designs and configurations, Samsung wall mounts offer maximum convenience and flexibility, allowing you to install video walls or standalone displays on flat surface walls.

Standard Enclosure

Designed to enhance Samsung’s OHD Series displays, this all-in-one outdoor enclosure will protect your display from a wide range of damage. The package includes ingression protection, anti-reflection technology, vandalism protection and a highly efficient cooling system, transforming outdoor signage ownership by eliminating the need for additional air conditioning systems and thick enclosures

  • STN-E46D_001_Front_Black


    Standard Enclosure STN-E46D

    Simplify outdoor signage installation with a thin and easy-to-install enclosure

  • STN-E55D_001_Front_Black


    Standard Enclosure STN-E55D

    Simplify outdoor signage installation with a thin and easy-to-install enclosure

Color Bezel

Available exclusively for Samsung D-series displays, the Color Bezel overlay can modify a display’s appearance to match any ambience or environment depending on the customer’s design vision

Ceiling Mount

Samsung ceiling mounts offer even more installation options. By attaching the screen to an adjustable metal rod, you can set the height of the display for maximum visibility.

Magic Presenter

Samsung Magic Presenter is a “laserless” presentation tool that can point onto large digital displays unlike conventional laser pointers, which are unresponsive on such surfaces.

ESL (Electronic Shelf Label)

Samsung's ESL displays are the proven and practical choice for any retailer seeking new solutions to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement.