Smart Signage


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Connectivity Tray

Optional Connectivity Tray for Flip 2


Support your displays securely on a flat surface with various design and height configurations.

SBB (Set-Back-Box)

Transform your SMART Signage into all-inclusive digital tools with easy-to-install PC modules

PIM (Plug-In-Module)

Maximize the convenience of SMART Signage with a Windows operating system for a familiar UI and high compatibility with third-party software.

Touch Overlay

Enable a richer, more intuitive user interface by adding interactive touchscreen capability to compatible SMART Signage

Protection Overlay

A scratch-resistant glass panel that is installed on top of the display surface, offering enhanced durability for outdoor installation environments.

Wall Mount

Offer maximum convenience and flexibility with a range of designs and configurations

Standard Enclosure

All-in-one outdoor enclosure including ingression protection, anti-reflection technology, vandalism protection and a highly efficient cooling system

  • Smart Signage Accessories Standard Enclosure STN-E46D


    Standard Enclosure


    Simplify outdoor signage installation with a thin and easy-to-install enclosure.
  • Smart Signage Accessories Standard Enclosure STN-E55D


    Standard Enclosure


    Simplify outdoor signage installation with a thin and easy-to-install enclosure.

Color Bezel

Modify a display’s appearance to match any ambience or environment (Available exclusively for Samsung D-series displays)

Ceiling Mount

Possible to set the height of the display for maximum visibility by attaching the screen to an adjustable metal rod

Magic Presenter

A “laserless” presentation tool that can point onto large digital displays

ESL (Electronic Shelf Label)

Smart solutions to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement