PCoIP-equipped cloud clients ensure IT security while streamlining virtual desktop.

  • Advanced VDI features
  • Broad Compatibility With a Range of Virtualization Platforms
  • PC Over IP (PCoIP)
  • Zero Client : All-in-one Solution
  • Ergonomic Design



Deliver a Productive Workspace through an All-in-One Type Display

Samsung’s NC241 Zero-Client solves data security challenges and streamlines IT operations by providing a centralized virtual desktop. With the display’s embedded zero-client technology in an all-in-one form, the NC241 stores and grants access to information via a central server in offsite location. As a result, users do not have to purchase and maintain separate PCs, operating systems, local CPUs or memory storage, improving their overall IT total cost of operation (TCO). This seamless integration of capabilities promotes a cleaner work environment, as well as easier deployment with fewer cables and simplified assembly. Each zero-client also features multiple ports offering connectivity to your most essential peripherals. As an all-in-one type display, the NC241 condenses a host of bulky and potentially vulnerable equipment into a secure, clean and productive workspace highly beneficial to businesses and their employees.

A Secure and High-Performance Virtual Desktop Experience with PCoIP Technology

Utilizing dedicated PC over IP (PCoIP) technology, a remote workstation protocol with an embedded second generation Teradici (Tera2) chipset, Samsung’s NC241 Zero-Client delivers the speed and security necessary to ensure critical information remains in the data center. The display’s PCoIP technology compresses, encrypts and encodes the entire computing experience at the data center while maintaining connectivity with outside desktops and cloud storage, which results in a highly secure location to maintain and manage documents. Additionally, the PCoIP protocol supports high-resolution, full frame rate 3-D graphics, HD media and other large displays, while also granting full USB peripheral connectivity for a complete user experience.

Simplify IT Infrastructure Maintenance with Convenient, Multi-Station Management

Through its centralized software deployment and data center connectivity, Samsung’s NC241 Zero-Client significantly reduces the time and effort required for IT infrastructure maintenance compared with traditional business PCs. Designed to ensure a seamless migration, the NC241 display allows businesses to maintain security and performance with less complexity. IT teams can centrally monitor for problems and deploy software updates and patches to multiple work stations simultaneously. As a result, technicians no longer need to visit individual employee desks or remote locations to provide support. This faster and centralized issue resolution enables NC241 users to easily maintain up-to-date security and performance settings while remaining productive.

An Ergonomic and White-or-Black Bezel Design that Complements your Business

Samsung’s ergonomically-designed NC241 Zero-Client integrates a range of features to improve the efficiency and design aesthetic of any business environment. Along with its height-adjustable stand (HAS) (130mm), the NC241 offers pivot (0 to 90 degrees), swivel (-45 to 45 degrees) and tilt (-2 to 25 degrees) functionality so users can quickly customize position settings for long-term comfort. With VESA 100x100 mounting bracket compatibility, users have the added flexibility to install the display on walls or arm mounts. Additionally, users can install integrated speakers to create an all-in-one workspace.
Previously only available in a standard black color, the NC241 display is designed with an all new white bezel to give a bright, complementary touch to different business environments, particularly medical facilities and public areas within office environments. Combined with its clutter-free design, Samsung’s NC241 reflects an advanced improvement from alternative data processing technologies.


  • ProcessorTeradici Tera2321
  • AudioRealtek ALC262
  • OSN/A
  • VMware / Citrix CertificationVMware Horizon View 5.1
  • VDI Server SupportVMware View
  • EthernetGigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Auto Sensing)
  • Graphic RAMDDR3 512MB
  • Wi-FiN/A
  • Flash256M bit (32M Byte)
  • Fan/FanlessFanless


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