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Samsung monitors are the perfect choice for almost any use. From professional applications to multitasking and gaming, let Samsung monitors elevate your performance.

For Home

For Home
Experience stunning detail and rich color with Samsung monitors, including the revolutionary 49” QLED Gaming Monitor.


Curved for Immersiveness

Curves around your field of view to immerse you in all the onscreen.*Only applicable to certain models

32:9 Super Ultra-Wide

Forget about multi-monitor set-ups — with no bezels impeding your view and a single power cable for minimal clutter, you can multitask seamlessly.*CHG90, C43J89 series only

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

A wider range of luminance levels that render dark areas deeper and light areas brighter.*Only applicable to certain models

For Professional

For Professional
Samsung Professional monitor develops the most advanced and differentiated products that are specifically designed to increase productivity and efficiency.


Work Wider. Work Smarter.

Ensures a panoramic view so you can keep many windows open at once and work comfortably with less scrolling and zooming*CHG90, CJ89, CF791, CH89 only

Convenient Connectivity

USB Type-C transmits data, video and audio, and power all through a single cable.*CJ89, CH89, SH85 only

Curved for Comfort

Let your eyes maintain a constant focus across the entire screen, allowing yourself a more comfortable viewing experience.*Only applicable to certain models