Wider view. Winning play.

Wider view.
Winning play.

Super ultra-wide Gaming monitor

Wider view. Winning play.

Excellence in work & play

in work & play

Enjoy a more immersive entertainment experience
through Samsung’s versatile high-resolution monitors.

Excellence in work & play

Curved Monitor

(For Professional) Enhanced work environment with the ergonomic crved screen

  • C43J89
    C43J89 CJ89 Series

    43" Premium Curved Business Monitor with 32:10 Super Ultra-wide screen

  • C27JG50
    C27JG50 CJG5 Series

    27" WQHD Curved Monitor with 144hz refresh rate and 3000:1 contrast ratio

  • C32JG50
    C32JG50 CJG5 Series

    32" WQHD Curved Monitor with 144hz refresh rate and 3000:1 contrast ratio

High Resolution Monitor

Wider workspace and life-like picture quality

  • professional business monitor - U32H850
    U32H850 UH85 Series

    32" UHD monitor with wider workspace and life-like details

  • professional business monitor - U28H750
    U28H750 UH75 Series

    28" UHD business monitor with vibrant colors and super-fast response time

  • professional business monitor - U32D970Q
    U32D970Q UD970 Series

    32” UHD professional monitor with color accuracy and ultimate picture quality

Professional Monitor

Revolutionize work performance with enhanced features

  • S34J55W
    S34J55W SJ55 Series

    34" Ultra WQHD Monitor with 21:9 Wide Screen

  • S24H650
    S24H650 SH65 Series

    24" business monitor with PLS panel technology

  • S24H850
    S24H850 SH85 Series

    24" WQHD business monitor with bezel-less design