P2.5 LED Signage that exudes bright and clear LED expression

Key Highlights

  • LED  SignageLED Signage
  • IndoorIndoor
  • Modular type (Cabinet unit)Modular type (Cabinet unit)
  • 2.5 Pixel pitch2.5 Pixel pitch
  • Module Front ServiceModule Front Service
  • 100K Hours Lifetime100K Hours Lifetime
  • Industry’s highest-quality, tier-one LED diodes
  • Superior picture quality
  • Advanced color calibration
  • Energy-saving cabinet design
  • Embedded Receiver


Engage Customers through a Seamless Viewing Experience and Flexible, Large-Scale Screen

Samsung’s SMART LED signage offers businesses the flexibility to expand and align screen composition scale with their promotional needs – all while creating a seamless viewing experience. Without sacrificing presentational performance, the display’s unique cabinet-based format allows businesses to expand screen size by adding LED signage cabinets. Each newly-added cabinet maintains the display’s low pixel pitch (distance between pixels) of 2.5mm, which confines diodes to a tighter arrangement for a higher resolution picture. When combined with a bezel-free design, this distinctive low pixel pitch enables Samsung’s LED signage to display uniform images continuously without distraction for immersive viewing and impactful messaging.

Achieve a Life-Like Visual Presentation through Enhanced Picture and Video Quality

Samsung’s 2.5mm pixel pitch SMART LED signage combines top-tier diodes with our exclusive technologies that deliver incredibly life-like picture quality already proven with Samsung’s TV and Smart Signage. Fabricated with top-tier diodes, Samsung LED signage provides a deeper contrast and wider viewing angle. In complement to these benefits, Samsung LED signage adopts market-proven technologies for an impeccable viewing experience. Samsung’s auto contrast enhancer precisely adjusts the contrast to create deeper blacks and purer whites, while PurColor technology expands color adjustment dramatically (by more than seven times) to create rich and detailed shades. A four-step upscaling process further refines image quality by analyzing visuals, removing noise and upscaling lower resolution content to UHD-like clarity. Through these advanced technologies, Samsung’s LED signage captivates viewers with the same true-to-life presentation and superior viewing experience they would expect from its TV and SMART Signage offerings.

Align your Display Color and Brightness through Advanced Factory and Field Calibration

Any inconsistencies in a display’s color or brightness can negatively affect messaging impact and performance. This alignment becomes increasingly challenging for cabinet-based LED signage, as users must ensure that the brightness of newly-added LED cabinet replacements matches that of neighboring cabinets.
Through advanced two-step color calibration, Samsung’s 2.5mm pixel pitch SMART LED signage eliminates color expression gaps and maintains presentation consistency to prevent such irregularities. A rigorous factory calibration process independently tunes each sub-pixel to achieve precise brightness uniformity and color chromaticity across each screen out-of-the-box. Additionally, Samsung’s complementary field calibration process maintains color value by letting the screen owner easily diagnose and correct variations. If an issue occurs, then system integrators only need to take a picture of the screen with a digital camera and transmit it to Samsung’s Network Operation Center (NOC) for instant analysis and remote calibration.

Maintain High Reliability with a Durable Thermal Structure, Before Service and Ongoing Support

Designed to withstand rigorous environmental conditions, Samsung’s durable SMART LED signage ensures consistent, uninterrupted performance while reducing the impact of maintenance on users. The displays’ thermally-designed structure automatically lowers the temperature within each cabinet per specific content needs, reducing quality-altering heat build-up and potentially high cooling costs. Samsung’s round-the-clock, 24/7/365 service provides both proactive and reactive support to ensure users receive continuous, high-quality signage performance. Through its dedicated “before” service, Samsung’s Network Operation Center (NOC) evaluates and addresses dot error, temperature and power irregularities automatically detected and transmitted by each LED display. If more complex errors occur, then Samsung’s “after” service team works closely with users to alleviate problems quickly and return the display to optimal performance levels. This ongoing support, combined with the LED signage’s enhanced thermal structure and error detection capabilities, delivers long-term reliability and efficiency in any indoor environment.

Simplify the Creation and Management of Highly Compelling, Professional Content

Samsung’s SMART LED signage features an embedded Signal Box (S-Box) that delivers superior picture quality, as well as houses the display’s MagicInfo professional content management software and media player function, resulting in no need for an additional video processor. Customers who install the 2.5mm pixel pitch LED signage with S-Box can use Samsung’s leading MagicInfo software solution, which features stress-free content creation and scheduling through an easy-to-use interface. Because MagicInfo is available as standard on all Samsung Display Solutions, screen owners who have already installed Samsung’s LCD-based signage also can use the common operation platform without additional expense. Furthermore, the system on chip (SoC)-based S-Box leads to more stable and long-term operation compared to Windows-based PCs due to the S-Box’s embedded operation system and lower amounts of heat emission.

Physical Parameter

  • Pixel Pitch2.5 mm
  • Pixel Configuration1 red, 1 green, 1 blue
  • Pixel Density160,000 m2 / 14,864 ft2
  • Cabinet/Module Configuration (LxH)192x216 pixels
  • Diode TypeSurface Mount Device (SMD)
  • Dimensions (LxH)480x540 mm (per cabinet)
  • Weight8.9kg (per cabinet)


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